• Andrew A. Mercer
  • Axel Schmidt
  • Olaf Weber

Part of the Birkhäuser Advances in Infectious Diseases book series (BAID)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Geoffrey L. Smith
    Pages 1-45
  3. Inger K. Damon
    Pages 47-64
  4. Sandra Essbauer, Hermann Meyer
    Pages 65-73
  5. Sandra Essbauer, Hermann Meyer
    Pages 75-88
  6. Joachim J. Bugert
    Pages 89-112
  7. Geoffrey L. Smith
    Pages 113-125
  8. Stephen B. Fleming, Andrew A. Mercer
    Pages 127-165
  9. Adama Diallo, Gerrit J. Viljoen
    Pages 167-181
  10. John W. Barrett, Grant McFadden
    Pages 183-201
  11. Gustavo A. Delhon, Edan R. Tulman, Claudio L. Afonso, Daniel L. Rock
    Pages 203-215
  12. David B. Boyle
    Pages 217-251
  13. Marie N. Becker, Richard W. Moyer
    Pages 253-271
  14. Steven H. Nazarian, Grant McFadden
    Pages 273-296
  15. Olaf Weber, Percy Knolle, Hans-Dieter Volk
    Pages 297-310
  16. Barbara S. Schnierle, Yasemin Suezer, Gerd Sutter
    Pages 311-327
  17. Lauren M. Handley, J. Paige Mackey, R. Mark Buller, Clifford J. Bellone
    Pages 329-353
  18. Martin Pfeffer, Hermann Meyer
    Pages 355-373
  19. Robert Snoeck, Graciela Andrei, Erik De Clercq
    Pages 375-395
  20. Friedrich v. Rheinbaben, Jürgen Gebel, Martin Exner, Axel Schmidt
    Pages 397-405
  21. Andrea Ammon, Julia Sasse, Klaus Riedmann
    Pages 407-421
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 435-442

About this book


The recent international alarm at the possible use of smallpox as weapon of bioterror has refocused the attention of the scientific community, public health policy makers and the public on poxviruses. In contrast to the threat posed by some of these viruses, other poxviruses show exciting beneficial potential including their use as valuable tools in biomedical research and in the delivery of vaccines. This monograph provides a comprehensive review of the poxvirus family with a particular emphasis on current developments. It includes the latest insights into poxviral molecular biology, diagnosis, therapy, vaccine development and the beneficial exploitation of these viruses in biomedical research. Each chapter is written by a leader in the field. The reviews present all aspects of the field, including historical perspectives, along with summaries of the latest advances. This combination makes the book relevant for graduate students, researchers new to the field and to experienced poxvirologists.


diagnostics infection infections medical microbiology microbiology molecular biology vaccination vaccine virology virus

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  • Andrew A. Mercer
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  • Axel Schmidt
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  • Olaf Weber
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  1. 1.Department of MicrobiologyUniversity of OtagoDunedinNew Zealand
  2. 2.Faculty of MedicineUniversity Witten/HerdeckeWittenGermany
  3. 3.BAYER HEALTHCARE AGProduct-related ResearchWuppertalGermany

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