Proceedings of the 8th European Congress of Neurosurgery Barcelona, September 6–11, 1987

Intraoperative and Posttraumatic Monitoring and Brain Protection — Cerebro-vascular Lesions — Intracranial Tumours — Benign lntracranial Cystic Lesions, Hydrocephalus, CSF-Volumes — Central Pain Syndromes

  • Fabian Isamat
  • Antony Jefferson
  • Friedrich Loew
  • Lindsay Symon
Conference proceedings

Part of the Acta Neurochirurgica Supplementum 42 book series (NEUROCHIRURGICA, volume 42)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. Intraoperative and Posttraumatic Monitoring and Brain Protection

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. A. Ducati, A. Landi, M. Cenzato, E. Fava, P. Rampini, M. Giovanelli et al.
      Pages 8-13
    3. S. Yamada, F. Brauer, D. Knierim, T. Purtzer, T. Fuse, W. Hayward et al.
      Pages 14-17
    4. Masami Kaneko, A. Fukamachi, H. Sasaki, N. Miyazawa, T. Yagishita, H. Nukui
      Pages 18-21
    5. Lindsay Symon, H. I. Sabin, P. Bentivoglio, A. D. Cheesman, D. Prasher, H. Barratt
      Pages 27-30
    6. R. Sarabia, R. D. Lobato, J. J. Rivas, F. Cordobés, J. Rubio, A. Cabrera et al.
      Pages 40-46
  3. Cerebro-vascular Lesions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 47-47
    2. L. Rosta, R. Battaglia, A. Pasqualin, A. Beltramello
      Pages 53-59
    3. A. Pasqualin, R. Battaglia, R. Scienza, R. Da Pian
      Pages 60-64
    4. A. Pasqualin, R. Battaglia, R. Scienza, R. Da Pian
      Pages 65-70
    5. S. Giombini, C. L. Solero, S. Ferraresi, A. Melcarne, G. Broggi, F. Pluchino
      Pages 71-74
    6. K.-F. Lindegaard, H. Nornes, S. J. Bakke, W. Sorteberg, P. Nakstad
      Pages 81-84
    7. P. A. Stanworth, J. Dutton, K. S. Paul, R. Fawcett, E. Whalley
      Pages 85-87
    8. R. F. Spetzler, J. M. Zabramski
      Pages 93-97
  4. Intracranial Tumours

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 107-107
    2. J. A. Guevara, H. J. Bunge, J. J. Heinrich, G. Weller, A. Villasante, A. B. Chinela
      Pages 109-112
    3. J. Julow, F. Lányi, M. Hajda, G. Szeifert, M. Simkovics, Sz. Tóth et al.
      Pages 113-119
    4. B. Vlahovitch, C. Reynaud, J. Rhiati, H. Mansour, F. Hammoud
      Pages 120-123
    5. Jean Brihaye, M. Brihaye-Van Geertruyden
      Pages 124-129
    6. G. Pendl, P. Vorkapic
      Pages 130-136
    7. A. D. Bartal, N. Razon, J. Avram, S. Rochkind, A. Doron
      Pages 142-146
    8. B. Borovich, J. N. Guilburd, Y. Doron, J. F. Soustiel, M. Zaaroor, J. Braun et al.
      Pages 147-151
    9. F. Colombo, L. Casentini, M. Zanusso, D. Danieli, A. Benedetti
      Pages 152-156
    10. Hiroshi Niizuma, T. Otsuki, T. Yonemitsu, M. Kitahara, R. Katakura, J. Suzuki
      Pages 157-160
    11. G. Blaauw, R. Braakman
      Pages 161-165
    12. J. Artigas, R. Ferszt, M. Brock, E. Kazner, J. Cervós-Navarro
      Pages 166-169
    13. A. Franzini, A. Allegranza, A. Melcarne, C. Giorgi, S. Ferraresi, G. Broggi
      Pages 170-176
    14. F. Frank, A. P. Fabrizi, R. Frank-Ricci, G. Gaist, R. Sedan, J. C. Peragut
      Pages 177-181
    15. Filippo Giunta, G. Marini, G. Grasso, F. Zorzi
      Pages 182-186
    16. Vincenzo Valentino
      Pages 193-197
  5. Benign Intracranial Cystic Lesions, Hydrocephalus, CSF-Volumes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 199-199
    2. E. Galassi, G. Gaist, G. Giuliani, Eu. Pozzati
      Pages 201-204
    3. M. Garcia-Bach, F. Isamat, F. Vila
      Pages 205-209
    4. C. Bellotti, M. Medina, G. Oliveri, F. Ettorre, S. Barrale, C. Sturiale et al.
      Pages 221-224
    5. L. Palma, A. Mariottini, R. D’Addetta, L. Mastronardi
      Pages 225-229
    6. G. M. Teasdale, R. Grant, B. Condon, J. Patterson, A. Lawrence, D. M. Hadley et al.
      Pages 230-235

About these proceedings


At the 8th European Congress of Neurosurgery, which took place in Barcelona, September 6-11, 1987, a great number of papers from all fields of neurosurgery were presented, reflecting the major advances that have been achieved in recent years. The Programme Committee of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies has selected the highlights of the congress for publication. These contributions were carefully edited and compiled in two supplement volumes of Acta Neurochirurgica.


Hydrocephalus aneurysm biopsy brain computed tomography (CT) cortex differential diagnosis electroencephalography (EEG) head injury magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) microsurgery neurosurgery surgery trauma tumor

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  • Fabian Isamat
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  • Antony Jefferson
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  • Friedrich Loew
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  • Lindsay Symon
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  1. 1.Servicio de Neurocirugia, Hospital de BellvitgeUniversity of BarcelonaSpain
  2. 2.Newport, DyfedUK
  3. 3.Neurochirurgische UniversitätsklinikHomburg/SaarFederal Republic of Germany
  4. 4.Department of Neurological Surgery, Institute of NeurologyThe National HospitalLondonUK

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