Proceedings of the First Lunar International Laboratory (LIL) Symposium Research in Geosciences and Astronomy

Organized by the International Academy of Astronautics at the XVIth International Astronautical Congress Athens, 16 September, 1965 and Dedicated to the Twentieth Anniversary of UNESCO

  • F. J. Malina
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-V
  2. C. William Henderson, Grady L. Mitcham
    Pages 1-15
  3. J. H. Focas, A. Dollfus
    Pages 20-27
  4. K. Ya. Kondratiev, V. L. Gaevsky, V. N. Konashenok, A. I. Reshetnikov
    Pages 35-47
  5. Kurt R. Stehling, I. M. Levitt
    Pages 48-70
  6. V. M. Mozjherin, V. B. Nikonov, V. K. Prokofiev, N. S. Chernykh
    Pages 71-77
  7. Stanislaw Gorgolewski
    Pages 78-84
  8. G. F. Schilling, R. C. Moore
    Pages 85-97
  9. N. A. Dimov, A. B. Severny
    Pages 113-116

About these proceedings


The Lunar International Laboratory (LIL) project of the International Academy of Astronautics was begun upon the proposal of the editor at the First Special Meeting of the Academy at Stockholm on 16 August 1960. The late THEODORE VON KARMAN, first President of the Academy, appointed the following members of the LIL Committee: Prof. N. BoNEFF (Bulgaria), Prof. M. FLoRKIN (Belgium), Mr. A. G. HALEY (U. S. A. ), Prof. Sir BERNARD LovELL (U. K. ) (Vice­ Chairman), Prof. L. MALAVARD (France), Dr. F. J. MALINA (U. S. A. ) (Chairman), Prof. H. 0BERTH (German Federal Republic), Dr. W. H. PicKERING (U. S. A. ), Prof. E. SANGER (German Federal Republic), Prof. L. I. SEDOV (U. S. S. R. ), Prof. L. SPITZER, JR. (U. S. A. ), Dr. H. STRUGHOLD (U. S. A. ), Prof. H. C. UREY (U. S. A. ) and himself. Since 1960 the following additional members were appointed to the Committee: Mr. A. C. CLARKE (U. K. ), Prof. A. DoLLFUS (France), Prof. Z. KoPAL (U. K. ), Dr. S. F. SINGER (U. S. A. ), Prof. N. M. SISSAKIAN (U. S. S. R. ) and Prof. F. ZWICKY (Switzerland). The Academy authorized the Committee to study the technical problems related to the construction of a manned research laboratory on the Moon and the feasibility of carrying out its construction, and to consider the fields of research which would initially be undertaken.



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  • F. J. Malina
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  1. 1.International Academy of AstronauticsParisFrance

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