Magnetogasdynamics and Plasma Dynamics

  • Shih-I Pai

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About this book


This book is based on the lecture notes which the author gave in a seminar of the same title in the Institut fur theoretische Gasdynamik, D. V. L. e. V., Aachen, Germany, during the academic year of 1957-1958. The subject matter has been rewritten and expanded after the author's return to the University of Maryland. The purpose of this book is to give a theoretical introduction to plasma dynamics and magnetogasdynamics from the gasdynamic point of view. Attention is given to the basic assumptions and the formulation of the theory of the flow problems of a plasma, an ionized gas, as well as to the various methods of solving these problems. Since plasma dynamics is still in a developing stage, the author hopes that this book _may furnish the readers some basic elements in the theory of plasma -dynamics so that they may find it useful for further study and research in this new field. After the introduction in which the scope of plasma. dynamics is briefly discussed, the fundamental equations of plasma dynamics from the macro­ scopic point of view, i. e., the theory of continuum has been analyzed, in detail in chapters IT to IV, including many simplified cases sUQh as m,agneto­ gasdynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, electromaguetodynamics, radiation­ magnetogasdynamics etc. In chapter V, the important parameters and their range of applicatIons have been treated. The parameters are useful in the correlation of experi­ mental results.


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