Database and Expert Systems Applications

Proceedings of the International Conference in Vienna, Austria, 1990

  • A. Min Tjoa
  • Roland Wagner

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Information Retrieval

    1. Abraham Bookstein, Shmuel T. Klein
      Pages 1-7
    2. Ernst J. Schuegraf, Martin F. van Bommel
      Pages 8-11
    3. IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Frans Sijstermans
      Pages 12-21
    4. Scott C. Deerwester, Donald A. Ziff, Keith Waclena
      Pages 22-29
  3. Object Oriented Modelling

  4. User Interfaces and Hypertext

    1. P. D. Bruza, Th. P. van der Weide
      Pages 76-83
  5. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

  6. Legal Systems

    1. T. J. M. Bench-Capon, P. E. S. Dunne
      Pages 105-111
    2. R. V. De Mulder, C. van Noortwijk, H. O. Kerkmeester, J. G. L. van der Wees
      Pages 112-115
    3. Amit Basu, L. Ramkumar, Fredric D. Abramson
      Pages 116-120
    4. Daphne Gelbart, J. C. Smith
      Pages 121-125
  7. Network Applications

  8. Software Databases

    1. Hanna Oktaba, Concepción Pérez de Célis, Roberto Zicari
      Pages 155-161
  9. Legal Systems

    1. Claude Thomasset, François Blanchard, Louis-Claude Paquin
      Pages 167-172
  10. Distributed Aspects

    1. Lars Stefan Jensen, Erik Johannes Kaae
      Pages 178-185
    2. David K. Hsiao, Magdi N. Kamel, C. Thomas Wu
      Pages 186-190
  11. Implementation Aspects

    1. Harumi Minemura, Takuya Asano, Makoto Satoh, Rika Kashima, Hisashi Hanabata, Shunichiro Nakamura et al.
      Pages 191-195
    2. Bernhard Seeger, Hans-Peter Kriegel
      Pages 203-207
  12. The Object Oriented Approach

    1. Thomas Bode, Armin B. Cremers, Jürgen Freitag, Thomas Lemke
      Pages 208-214
    2. Wei Sun, Weiyi Meng, Clement Yu
      Pages 215-222
    3. T. C. Tan, P. Smith, M. Pegman
      Pages 223-228
  13. Non-Standard Applications

  14. Applications in Science and Engineering

  15. Legal Systems

    1. Rosa M. Di Giorgi, Elio Fameli, Roberta Nannucci
      Pages 281-284
    2. P. Guidotti, L. Lucchesi, P. Mariani, M. Ragona, D. Tiscornia
      Pages 285-289
    3. Dominique Brouwers, Jacques Gerard, Etienne Montero
      Pages 296-298
  16. Integration of Expert and Database Systems

    1. Georges Gardarin, Patrick Valduriez
      Pages 299-306

About this book


Use and development of database and expert systems can be found in all fields of computer science. The aim of this book is to present a large spectrum of already implemented or just being developed database and expert systems. Contributions cover new requirements, concepts for implementations (e.g. languages, models, storage structures), management of meta data, system architectures, and experiences gained by using traditional databases in as many areas of applications as possibble (at least in the fields listed). The aim of the book is to inspire a fruitful dialogue between developement in practice, users of database and expert systems, and scientists working in the field.


artificial intelligence data analysis database expert system information retrieval information system intelligence knowledge base knowledge representation learning logic programming modeling optimization proving semantics

Editors and affiliations

  • A. Min Tjoa
    • 1
  • Roland Wagner
    • 2
  1. 1.Institut für Statistik und InformatikUniversität WienViennaAustria
  2. 2.Institut für InformatikJohannes Kepler Universität LinzLinzAustria

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