Advances in Dementia Research

  • K. Jellinger
  • R. Schmidt
  • M. Windisch
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VIII
  2. D. Inzitari, G. Carlucci, Leonardo Pantoni
    Pages 1-8
  3. Reinhold Schmidt, G. Roob, P. Kapeller, H. Schmidt, A. Berghold, A. Lechner et al.
    Pages 9-14
  4. Helena Schmidt, F. Fazekas, G. M. Kostner, R. Schmidt
    Pages 15-21
  5. Timo Erkinjuntti, D. Inzitari, L. Pantoni, A. Wallin, P. Scheltens, K. Rockwood et al.
    Pages 23-30
  6. Franz Fazekas, S. Ropele, R. Bammer, P. Kapeller, R. Stollberger, R. Schmidt
    Pages 45-52
  7. Patrick L. McGeer, E. G. McGeer, K. Yasojima
    Pages 53-57
  8. Guido Stoll, S. Jander, M. Schroeter
    Pages 81-89
  9. Robert. D. Terry
    Pages 91-93
  10. K. A. Jellinger, C. Stadelmann
    Pages 95-114
  11. Jacques Hugon, F. Terro, F. Esclaire, C. Yardin
    Pages 125-131
  12. Christoph Hock, K. Heese, G. Olivieri, Ch. Hulette, C. Rosenberg, R. M. Nitsch et al.
    Pages 171-174
  13. E. Masliah, E. Rockenstein
    Pages 175-183
  14. Khalid Iqbal, A. C. del Alonso, J. A. Gondal, C.-X. Gong, N. Haque, S. Khatoon et al.
    Pages 213-222
  15. Ezio Giacobini
    Pages 231-242
  16. Robert Wronski, S. Kronawetter, B. Hutter-Paier, K. Crailsheim, M. Windisch
    Pages 263-272
  17. I. Veinbergs, M. Mante, M. Mallory, E. Masliah
    Pages 273-280
  18. X. Anton Álvarez, V. R. M. Lombardi, L. Fernández-Novoa, M. García, C. Sampedro, A. Cagiao et al.
    Pages 281-292
  19. William Molloy, T. I. Standish
    Pages 293-300
  20. X. Antón Álvarez, V. R. M. Lombardi, L. Corzo, P. Pérez, V. Pichel, M. Laredo et al.
    Pages 315-328

About these proceedings


Dementia is a major health problem that becomes increasingly common with advancing age. Despite recent progress in neurobiology and molecular genetics, the aetiology and pathogenesis of most dementia disorders are still poorly understood, and early exact diagnosis as a prerequisite of effective treatment needs to be improved. The present volume includes the contributions of renowned experts in the field of neurodegeneration presented at the International Symposium "Ageing and Dementia 1999”, September 24–26, 1999 at Graz. It focusses on genetics, epidemiology, new neuroimaging techniques, and the role of vascular, immunological and other mechanisms including oxidative stress and estrogens in the development of neurodegeneration and dementia. Recent developments in diagnosis and therapy of Alzheimer disease and related disorders are reviewed and future therapeutic approaches are discussed. Thus, this volume provides a timely overview of most recent developments in dementia research and treatment strategies of dementia disorders.


Assessment Nervous System genetics imaging techniques lead neuroimaging neurons neurotoxicity pathophysiology physiology

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  • R. Schmidt
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  • M. Windisch
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  1. 1.Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institut für Klinische NeurobiologieWienÖsterreich
  2. 2.Universitätsklinik für NeurologieGrazÖsterreich
  3. 3.JSW-ForschungslaborGrazÖsterreich

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