Intracranial Pressure and Neuromonitoring in Brain Injury

Proceedings of the Tenth International ICP Symposium, Williamsburg, Virginia, May 25–29, 1997

  • Anthony Marmarou
  • Ross Bullock
  • Cees Avezaat
  • Alexander Baethmann
  • Donald Becker
  • Mario Brock
  • Julian Hoff
  • Hajime Nagai
  • Hans-J. Reulen
  • Graham Teasdale

Part of the Acta Neurochirurgica Supplements book series (NEUROCHIRURGICA, volume 71)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. Management of ICP and CPP

    1. Alicia Ausina Aguilar, M. Bäguena, M. Nadal, S. Manrique, A. Ferrer, J. Sahuquillo et al.
      Pages 1-4
    2. Alberto Biestro, E. Barrios, J. Baraibar, C. Puppo, D. Lupano, M. Cancela et al.
      Pages 5-9
    3. M. de Nadal, A. Ausina, J. Sahuquillo, S. Pedraza, A. Garnacho, V. A. Gancedo
      Pages 10-12
    4. M. Heinsoo, Jaan Eelmäe, M. Kuklane, T. Tomberg, A. Tikk, T. Asser
      Pages 13-15
    5. Ekkehard Kunze, J. Meixensberger, M. Janka, N. Sörensen, K. Roosen
      Pages 16-18
    6. Christiane Schatzmann, H. E. Heissler, K. König, P. Klinge-Xhemajli, E. Rickels, M. Mühling et al.
      Pages 31-33
  3. ICP Measurement Techniques

    1. James Brennan, P. Tompkins, F. A. Stevens, L. P. Carter
      Pages 40-41
    2. I. R. Chambers, P. J. Kane, D.F. Signorini, A. Jenkins, A.D. Mendelow
      Pages 42-43
    3. Helen M. Fernandes, K. Bingham, I. R. Chambers, A. D. Mendelow
      Pages 44-46
    4. L. L. Guyot, C. Dowling, F. G. Diaz, Daniel B. Michael
      Pages 47-49
    5. Nicolas Massager, J.-L. Wayenberg, D. Vermeylen, J. Brotchi
      Pages 53-55
    6. Gerd-Helge Schneider, A. S. Sarrafzadeh, K. L. Kiening, T. F. Bardt, A. W. Unterberg, W. R. Lanksch
      Pages 62-65
    7. T. Ueno, R. E. Ballard, L. M. Shuer, J. H. Cantrell, W. T. Yost, Alan R. Hargens
      Pages 66-69
  4. Neuromonitoring in Intensive Care

    1. Marek Czosnyka, P. Smielewski, P. Kirkpatrick, S. Piechnik, R. Laing, J. D. Pickard
      Pages 74-77
    2. A. Mayevsky, T. Manor, S. Meilin, A. Doron, G.E. Ouaknine
      Pages 78-81
    3. Takehiro Nakamura, S. Nagao, N. Kawai, Y. Honma, H. Kuyama
      Pages 85-87
    4. Steffen K. Rosahl, M. U. Schuhmann, S. Thomas, T. Brinker, M. Samii
      Pages 88-90
    5. Sandra Rossi, F. Buzzi, A. Paparella, P. Mainini, N. Stocchetti
      Pages 91-93
    6. Toshiyuki Shiogai, K. Nagayama, G. Damrinjap, K. Saruta, M. Hara, I. Saito
      Pages 94-100
    7. Kiyoaki Tanaka, A. Kim, H. Naruse, A. Hakuba
      Pages 101-103
  5. Neuromonitoring in Intensive Care

    1. Alexander Baethmann, D. Lehr, A. Wirth, Study Group
      Pages 107-110
    2. Paola Bruzzone, R. Dionigi, G. Bellinzona, R. Imberti, N. Stocchetti
      Pages 111-113
    3. Stefan-Nikolaus Kroppenstedt, G.-H. Schneider, U.-W. Thomale, A. W. Unterberg
      Pages 114-116
    4. Tatsuro Mori, T. Kawamata, Y. Katayama, T. Maeda, N. Aoyama, T. Kikuchi et al.
      Pages 120-122
    5. R. Prat, V. Markiv, Manuel Dujovny, M. Misra
      Pages 123-126
    6. Marc L. Schröder, J. P. Muizelaar, P. Fatouros, A. J. Kuta, S. C. Choi
      Pages 127-130
    7. Stefan Schwab, S. Schwarz, A. Aschoff, E. Keller, W. Hacke
      Pages 131-134
    8. Sebastian Thomas, F. Tabibnia, M. U. Schuhmann, V. H. J. Hans, T. Brinker, M. Samii
      Pages 135-137
    9. Masatoshi Yunoki, M. Kawauchi, N. Ukita, Y. Noguchi, S. Nishio, Y. Ono et al.
      Pages 142-145
  6. Brain Oxygen Monitoring

    1. Tillman F. Bardt, A. W. Unterberg, R. Härtl, K. L. Kiening, G. H. Schneider, W. R. Lanksch
      Pages 153-156
    2. Ralf Burger, G. H. Vince, J. Meixensberger, K. Roosen
      Pages 157-161
    3. Nino Stocchetti, A. Chieregato, M. De Marchi, M. Croci, R. Benti, N. Grimoldi
      Pages 162-165
    4. E. M. R. Doppenberg, A. Zauner, J. C. Watson, Ross Bullock
      Pages 166-169
    5. Matthias Holzschuh, C. Metz, C. Woertgen, R. D. Rothörl, A. Brawanski
      Pages 170-171

About these proceedings


This volume contains the most recent works on intracranial pressure and neuromonitoring in brain injury selected from 300 abstracts submitted to the 10th International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure. It includes state of the art monitoring of the brain injured patient in intensive care as well as the current state of knowledge in neurochemical and oxygen monitoring of the injured brain. Recent advances in molecular mechanisms of injury and the pathophysiology of ischemia and trauma are also included. "... this publication presents a comprehensive survey of the present state of art in the field and thus gives directions for further research to those engaged in ICP measurement and neuromonitoring”. Intensive Care Med


Hydrocephalus Trauma brain brain injury care intensive care intracranial pressure pathophysiology traumatic brain injury

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