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Rendering Techniques ’98

Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Vienna, Austria, June 29—July 1, 1998

  • George Drettakis
  • Nelson Max
Conference proceedings EGSR 1998

Part of the Eurographics book series (EUROGRAPH)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. David Gargan, Francis Neelamkavil
    Pages 23-34
  3. Robert F. Tobler, László Neumann, Mateu Sbert, Werner Purgathofer
    Pages 35-44
  4. S. Zhukov, A. Iones, G. Kronin
    Pages 45-55
  5. Leif P. Kobbelt, K. Daubert, H-P. Seidel
    Pages 69-80
  6. Holly Rushmeier, Fausto Bernardini, Joshua Mittleman, Gabriel Taubin
    Pages 81-92
  7. Pierre Poulin, Mathieu Ouimet, Marie-Claude Frasson
    Pages 93-104
  8. Paul Debevec, Yizhou Yu, George Borshukov
    Pages 105-116
  9. Emilio Camahort, Apostolos Lerios, Donald Fussell
    Pages 117-130
  10. Hansong Zhang
    Pages 131-138
  11. Ramesh Raskar, Matt Cutts, Greg Welch, Wolfgang Stürzlinger
    Pages 139-144
  12. Gernot Schaufler
    Pages 145-156
  13. Alexandre Meyer, Fabrice Neyret
    Pages 157-168
  14. J. P. Grossman, William J. Dally
    Pages 181-192
  15. Gavin Miller, Marc Mondesir
    Pages 193-198
  16. Marc Stamminger, Philipp Slusallek, Hans-Peter Seidel
    Pages 211-222
  17. Ann McNamara, Alan Chalmers, Tom Troscianko, Erik Reinhard
    Pages 237-246
  18. László Szirmay-Kalos, Werner Purgathofer
    Pages 247-258
  19. Philippe Bekaert, László Neumann, Attila Neumann, Mateu Sbert, Yves D. Willems
    Pages 259-268
  20. Ingmar Peter, Georg Pietrek
    Pages 269-280
  21. Gavin Miller, Steven Rubin, Dulce Ponceleon
    Pages 281-292
  22. Wolfgang Heidrich, Jan Kautz, Philipp Slusallek, Hans-Peter Seidel
    Pages 293-300
  23. Dani Lischinski, Ari Rappoport
    Pages 301-314
  24. Anthony A. Apodaca
    Pages 315-322
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 323-343

About these proceedings


Some of the best current research on realistic rendering is included in this volume. It emphasizes the current "hot topics” in this field: image based rendering, and efficient local and global-illumination calculations. In the first of these areas, there are several contributions on real-world model acquisition and display, on using image-based techniques for illumination and on efficient ways to parameterize and compress images or light fields, as well as on clever uses of texture and compositing hardware to achieve image warping and 3D surface textures. In global and local illumination, there are contributions on extending the techniques beyond diffuse reflections, to include specular and more general angle dependent reflection functions, on efficiently representing and approximating these reflection functions, on representing light sources and on approximating visibility and shadows. Finally, there are two contributions on how to use knowledge about human perception to concentrate the work of accurate rendering only where it will be noticed, and a survey of computer graphics techniques used in the production of a feature length computer-animated film with full 3D characters.


3D 3D graphics Mapping Monte Carlo Radiosity compositing computer graphics form model modeling reflection rendering

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  • George Drettakis
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  • Nelson Max
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  1. 1.INRIAGrenobleFrance
  2. 2.Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUniversity of CaliforniaUSA

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