Tool Support for System Specification, Development and Verification

  • Rudolf Berghammer
  • Yassine Lakhnech
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Computing Science book series (ACS)

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  2. R. Berghammer, Y. Lakhnech, W. Reif
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  3. R. Behnke, R. Berghammer, T. Hoffmann, B. Leoniuk, P. Schneider
    Pages 33-47
  4. L. du Bousquet, F. Ouabdesselam, I. Parissis, J.-L. Richier, N. Zuanon
    Pages 48-61
  5. S. Contini, S. Scheer, M. Wilikens, G. de Cola, G. Cojazzi
    Pages 77-91
  6. Kay Fuhrmann, Jan Hiemer
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  7. Wolfgang Goerigk, Thilo Gaul, Wolf Zimmermann
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  8. L. Holenderski, A. Poigné
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  9. Wolfram Kahl
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  10. Martin Lange, Martin Leucker, Thomas Noll, Stephan Tobies
    Pages 150-159
  11. C. Lüth, E. W. Karlsen, Kolyang, S. Westmeier, B. Wolff
    Pages 160-173
  12. Zohar Manna, Nikolaj S. Bjørner, Anca Browne, Michael Colón, Bernd Finkbeiner, Mark Pichora et al.
    Pages 174-188
  13. Stephan Pfab, Harald Rueß, Sam Owre, Friedrich W. von Henke
    Pages 189-200
  14. Malte Plath, Mark Ryan
    Pages 201-216
  15. Georg Rock, Werner Stephan, Andreas Wolpers
    Pages 217-229
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About these proceedings


The correct development of large / com plex pieces of software demands a thorough structuring of the design process. In a first phase the requirements engineering is relevant for capturing the relevant functionality and its adequate formalization in precise mathematical definitions. Prototyping can can be used as a means for checking the functional behaviour at this early stage of development. The ade­ quate specification resulting from the first phase is then the basis for the second phase which comprises the derivation of an implementation. This phase requires the use of formal methods and tools to verify/validate the implementation. A prerequisite for applying this approach is to have a suitable mechanical support. This volume contains the proceedings of the International Workshop Tool Support for System Specification, Development and Verification organized June 1 - 4, 1998, in Malente, Germany. This workshop is the third in a series of events devoted to this topic. The first two workshops were held in 1994 in Kiel and 1996 in Bremen, Germany. The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for researchers interested in the use and development of tools which support the use of mathematical techniques for the specification, development and verification of systems. The workshop covers the spectrum from verification tools to graphical editors and compilers. The program of the workshop included an invited lecture and 26 talks. The invited lecture was given by F.W. von Henke (University ofUlm) on Mechanized formal methods and system design.


Animation Requirements Engineering algorithm algorithms design development formal method formal methods formal verification model programming software software engineering system specification verification

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  1. 1.Institut für Informatik und Praktische MathematikUniversität KielFederal Republic of Germany

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