Nuclidic Masses

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Nuclidic Masses, Vienna, Austria July 15–19, 1963

  • Walter H. JohnsonJr.
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VII
  2. Theoretical

    1. J. A. Wheeler
      Pages 1-1
    2. P. A. Seeger
      Pages 1-10
    3. Nissan Zeldes
      Pages 11-37
    4. M. Beiner, K. Bleuler, P. Huguenin, R. de Tourreil
      Pages 38-41
    5. H. Kümmel, J. Mattauch, W. Thiele, A. H. Wapstra
      Pages 42-57
    6. Aaldert Hendrik Wapstra, Josef H. E. Mattauch
      Pages 74-81
  3. Fundamental Constants

  4. Energy Differences Between Nuclear States

    1. Bernard L. Cohen
      Pages 187-192
    2. H. T. Tu, K. Way
      Pages 193-208
    3. V. A. Kravtsov
      Pages 215-220
  5. Calibration Energies for Nuclear Measurements

  6. Nuclear Q-Value Determinations

    1. A. Sperduto, W. W. Buechner
      Pages 289-304
    2. M. Mazari, A. Jáidar, G. López, A. Tejera, J. Careaga, R. Domínguez et al.
      Pages 305-323
    3. Roshan K. Patell, Bernard L. Cohen
      Pages 324-328
    4. Joan M. Freeman, R. E. White, J. H. Montague, G. Murray, W. E. Burcham
      Pages 341-352
  7. Mass Values from Mass Spectroscopy

    1. R. R. Ries, R. A. Damerow, W. H. Johnson
      Pages 357-374
    2. Richard A. Damerow, Richard R. Ries, Walter H. Johnson
      Pages 375-392
    3. R. C. Barber, R. L. Bishop, L. A. Cambey, H. E. Duckworth, J. D. Macdougall, W. McLatchie et al.
      Pages 393-414
    4. Koreichi Ogata, Satoru Matsumoto
      Pages 415-422
    5. P. E. Moreland Jr., K. T. Bainbridge
      Pages 423-429
    6. R. A. Demirkhanov, V. V. Dorokhov, M. I. Dzkuya
      Pages 430-464
  8. Summation of the Conference

    1. A. H. Wapstra
      Pages 465-470
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 471-473

About these proceedings


The Second International Conference on Nuclidic Masses was held in Vienna, Austria, July 15-19, 1963, using facilities of the International Atomic Energy Agency. This was the third conference in the general area of nuclidic masses in recent years. The first, a symposium held at the Max Planck Institut fur Chemie in 1956, was international in character but not in name. The First International Conference on Nuclidic Masses was held at McMaster University in September of 1960 in conjunction with and shortly after the meeting of the General Assembly of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and the Kingston Conference on Nuclear Structure. The Second International Conference on Nuclidic Masses was held under the sponsorship of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and the Nuclear Science Committee of the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council of the United States. Financial support for the conference came from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The conference committee was made up of the following individuals: Chairman: J. H. E. MATTAUCH General Secretary: H. E. DUCKWORTH Local Secretary: F. P. VIEHBOCK w. W. BUECHNER B. GROSS E. R. COHEN M. J. HIGATSBERGER A. DE SHALIT A. O. C. NIER J. W. M. DuMoND H. H. STAUB B. S. DZHELEPOV D. M. VAN PATTER A. H.


chemistry diffraction energy particles physics spectroscopy

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