The Aging Bladder

  • Eugen Plas
  • Heinz Pflüger
  • Ulrich Maier
  • Wilhelm A. Hübner

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. C. van der Horst, K. P. Jünemann
    Pages 1-20
  3. Lukas K. Daha, E. Plas
    Pages 21-30
  4. K.-E. Andersson
    Pages 41-51
  5. Christian Hampel, P. C. Dolber, C. M. Kuhn, D. A. Schwinn, K. B. Thor, J. W. Thüroff
    Pages 53-68
  6. J. C. Djurhuus, G. M. Hvistendahl
    Pages 85-95
  7. Flavio Trigo Rocha, C. Mendes Gomes, S. Arap
    Pages 111-125
  8. Christian Hampel, E. Plas, L. K. Daha, J. W. Thüroff
    Pages 127-136
  9. Eugen Plas, L. K. Daha
    Pages 137-154
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 169-176

About this book


Aging is associated with morphologic and functional alterations of organ systems including the genitourinary tract. Aging of the bladder leads to urgency, frequency, dysuria, recurrent urinary tract infections and incontinence both in the aging men and women. These symptoms occur frequently, are very distressing and influence daily life of the aging person. Besides patients symptoms, medications and incontinence devices are a tremendous financial burden on health care systems. Understanding the morphologic and functional processes of the aging bladder may decrease symptoms, costs and develop new, preventive strategies for the treatment of the aging bladder. This book reviews present knowledge of morphologic and functional alterations of the aging bladder both in men and women adding new insights in order to optimize therapeutic options for the treatment of aging bladder in daily practice and improve patients quality of life.


Alternde Blase Blase Harnblase Inkontinenz aging bladder bladder geriatrics gerontology incontinence urinary bladder urinary incontinence urology

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