Melanoma Development

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Clinical Application

  • Anja Bosserhoff

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Anja Bosserhoff, Luigi Strizzi
    Pages 1-5
  3. Marianne Berwick
    Pages 35-55
  4. Göran Jönsson, Hensin Tsao
    Pages 57-77
  5. Satoru Yokoyama, David E. Fisher
    Pages 79-103
  6. Daniel W. Mueller, Anja Bosserhoff
    Pages 105-136
  7. Eric Lau, Ze’ev A. Ronai
    Pages 137-163
  8. Paola Zigrino, Cornelia Mauch
    Pages 165-179
  9. Helen Rizos, Lyndee L. Scurr
    Pages 235-254
  10. Tobias Schatton, Markus H. Frank
    Pages 255-279
  11. Luigi Strizzi, Katharine M. Hardy, Elisabeth A. Seftor, Naira V. Margaryan, Dawn A. Kirschmann, Gina T. Kirsammer et al.
    Pages 281-296
  12. Gao Zhang, Meenhard Herlyn
    Pages 297-307
  13. Birgit Schittek, Thomas Tüting
    Pages 309-335
  14. Keith T. Flaherty
    Pages 337-357
  15. Alexander M. M. Eggermont, Caroline Robert, Dirk Schadendorf
    Pages 359-372
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 373-373

About this book


The book provides comprehensive insights into molecular changes in malignant melanoma. The general mechanisms of melanoma growth and development are described, as well as new research findings. Our current knowledge on the molecules involved in cell transformation and tumor progression will soon lead to sophisticated, targeted therapies. Recent studies with targeted b-RAF inhibitors have given us grounds to hope that these therapies will be successful. Melanoma Development- Molecular Biology, Genetics and Clinical Application aims to contribute to this knowledge. Summarizing the newest data and presenting upcoming research areas in the field, the book will be of great interest to basic researchers and physicians working in the important fields of melanoma, cancer research, therapy and dermatology.


Melanoma Senescence Stem Cells Tumor Microenvironment skin carcinoma

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  • Anja Bosserhoff
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  1. 1., Molecular PathologyInstitute of PathololgyRegensburgGermany

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