Single Piles in Liquefiable Ground

Seismic Response and Numerical Analysis Methods

  • Rui Wang

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This thesis focuses on seismic response of piles in liquefiable ground. A three-dimensional unified plasticity model for large post-liquefaction shear deformation of sand was formulated and implemented for parallel computing, based on which a three dimensional dynamic finite element analysis method for piles in liquefiable ground was developed. Through a combination of case analysis, centrifuge shaking table experiments and numerical simulations using the proposed methods, the seismic response patterns of single piles in liquefiable ground were revealed, including: basic force-resistance mode, kinematic and inertial interaction coupling mechanism and major influence factors. A beam on nonlinear Winkler foundation (BNWF) solution and a modified neutral plane solution were developed and validated against centrifuge experiments for piles in consolidating and reconsolidating ground. The axial pile force and settlement during post-earthquake reconsolidation was studied, showing pile axial force to be irrelevant of the reconsolidation process while settlement to be process dependent.


Constitutive Model Liquefaction Numerical Analysis Method Pile Foundation Seismic Response Pattern

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  • Rui Wang
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  1. 1.Department of Hydraulic EngineeringTsinghua UniversityBeijingChina

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