Composite Materials

Processing, Applications, Characterizations

  • Kamal K. Kar

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. S. D. Sharma, L. Sowntharya, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 1-36
  3. Jayesh Cherusseri, Sumit Pramanik, L. Sowntharya, Deepak Pandey, Kamal K. Kar, S. D. Sharma
    Pages 37-77
  4. Sandeep S. Ahankari, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 119-168
  5. A. S. M. A. Haseeb
    Pages 169-198
  6. Raghunandan Sharma, Kamal K. Kar, Malay K. Das, Gaurav K. Gupta, Sudhir Kumar
    Pages 199-221
  7. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Jayesh Cherusseri, J. Ramkumar, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 223-249
  8. Soma Banerjee, Raghunandan Sharma, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 251-280
  9. S. Sankaran, B. N. Ravishankar, K. Ravi Sekhar, Samudra Dasgupta, M. N. Jagdish Kumar
    Pages 281-314
  10. Raghunandan Sharma, N. L. Ravikumar, Kinshuk Dasgupta, J. K. Chakravartty, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 315-367
  11. Sumit Pramanik, Jayesh Cherusseri, Navajit Singh Baban, L. Sowntharya, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 369-411
  12. Raghunandan Sharma, Sandeep S. Ahankari, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 413-432
  13. Sumit Pramanik, Ayan Manna, Ashis Tripathy, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 457-496
  14. D. P. Singh, L. Sowntharya, K. Shahi, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 571-598
  15. Raghunandan Sharma, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 599-625
  16. Mahuya Das
    Pages 627-645
  17. Oindrila Manna, Sarit K. Das, Raghunandan Sharma, Kamal K. Kar
    Pages 647-686

About this book


Composite materials are used as substitutions of metals/traditional materials in aerospace, automotive, civil, mechanical and other industries. The present book collects the current knowledge and recent developments in the characterization and application of composite materials. To this purpose the volume describes the outstanding properties of this class of advanced material which recommend it for various industrial applications.


Metal Matrix Composites Polymer based composite materials Rubber Pressure High Temperature Materials Thermal Stability

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  • Kamal K. Kar
    • 1
  1. 1.Advanced Nanoengineering Materials Laboratory, Material Science ProgrammeIndian Institute of Technology KanpurKanpurIndia

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