Flowering Plants · Dicotyledons

Malvales, Capparales and Non-betalain Caryophyllales

  • Klaus Kubitzki
  • Clemens Bayer

Part of the The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants book series (FAMILIES GENERA, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 7-10
  3. K. Kubitzki, M. W. Chase
    Pages 12-16
  4. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 17-18
  5. Klaus Kubitzki, Clemens Bayer
    Pages 19-20
  6. C. Bayer, O. Appel
    Pages 21-24
  7. S. Porembski
    Pages 25-27
  8. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 28-29
  9. C. Bayer, O. Appel
    Pages 30-32
  10. H.-H. Poppendieck
    Pages 33-35
  11. L. E. Kers
    Pages 36-56
  12. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 57-61
  13. J. M. Arrington, K. Kubitzki
    Pages 62-70
  14. H.-H. Poppendieck
    Pages 71-74
  15. O. Appel, I. A. Al-Shehbaz
    Pages 75-174
  16. C. Bayer
    Pages 175-177
  17. S. Porembski, W. Barthlott
    Pages 178-181
  18. P. S. Ashton
    Pages 182-197
  19. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 198-202
  20. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 203-205
  21. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 206-208
  22. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 209-212
  23. A. S. George
    Pages 213-217
  24. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 218-219
  25. C. Bayer, O. Appel
    Pages 220-224
  26. C. Bayer, K. Kubitzki
    Pages 225-311
  27. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 312-314
  28. C. Bayer
    Pages 315-319
  29. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 320-324
  30. C. Bayer
    Pages 325-328
  31. C. Bayer, O. Appel
    Pages 329-331
  32. W. C. Dickison
    Pages 332-333
  33. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 334-338
  34. G. T. Prance
    Pages 339-341
  35. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 342-344
  36. C. Bayer
    Pages 345-352
  37. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 353-354
  38. E. Köhler
    Pages 355-358
  39. C. Bayer
    Pages 359-362
  40. J. F. Gaskin
    Pages 363-368
  41. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 369-370
  42. K. Kubitzki
    Pages 371-372
  43. B. E. Herber
    Pages 373-396
  44. O. Appel, C. Bayer
    Pages 397-399
  45. C. Bayer, O. Appel
    Pages 400-404
  46. H. Tobe
    Pages 405-409
  47. Back Matter
    Pages 411-418

About this book


When more than two decades ago this series was planned, classi?cation at the level of higher categories was rather contentious and considered to be of little concern for this book series. Through the advancement of molecular systematics within the last decade, the outlines of a phylogenetically based family scheme of angiosperms have become ava- able. This phylogenetic scheme for the ?rst time made meaningful broader comparisons feasible and is adopted here as a guideline for the circumscription of major blocks of families. However,due to the fragility of formal higher level classi?cation only one ca- gory above the rank of family,that of order,will be used in this volume. Despite the great progress in the understanding of broader phylogenetic relationships made during the last years, the circumscription of many families, let alone of genera, is still far from being settled and, in the contributions to this volume, the arrangement of genera within families is often phenetic rather than phylogenetic. This dif?culty is p- ticularly acute in larger families, and despite much molecular work that has been c- ducted in Cruciferae,the authors of that family account to this volume felt it premature to provide a formal subdivision of the group. Also,in other families,and particularly in Malvaceae-Malvoideae, the arrangement and circumscription of genera, for lack of a better alternative,are largely phenetic. Nevertheless,it is hoped that the classi?cation p- sented here is an advance over what had been known previously.


Arales Capparales Caryophyllales Cruciferae Dikotyledonen Malvaceae Malvales Pflanzentaxonomie biodiversity dicotyledons evolution plant taxonomy seed systematic botany systematische Botanik

Editors and affiliations

  • Klaus Kubitzki
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  • Clemens Bayer
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  1. 1.Institut für Allgemeine BotanikHamburgGermany
  2. 2.PalmengartenFrankfurt am MainGermany

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