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Public-Key Cryptography


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  2. Arto Salomaa
    Pages 1-54
  3. Arto Salomaa
    Pages 55-76
  4. Arto Salomaa
    Pages 77-124
  5. RSA
    Arto Salomaa
    Pages 125-157
  6. Arto Salomaa
    Pages 159-179
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 245-275

About this book


Cryptography, secret writing, is enjoying a scientific renaissance following the seminal discovery in 1977 of public-key cryptography and applications in computers and communications. This book gives a broad overview of public-key cryptography - its essence and advantages, various public-key cryptosystems, and protocols - as well as a comprehensive introduction to classical cryptography and cryptoanalysis. The second edition has been revised and enlarged especially in its treatment of cryptographic protocols. From a review of the first edition: "This is a comprehensive review ... there can be no doubt that this will be accepted as a standard text. At the same time, it is clearly and entertainingly written ... and can certainly stand alone." Alex M. Andrew, Kybernetes, March 1992


Knapsack-Systeme Kommunikation Kryptanalyse Kryptosysteme communication communication (X) computer cryptanalysis cryptography cryptosystems (X) protocols

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