Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Traffic

  • D. James Morré
  • Kathryn E. Howell
  • John J. M. Bergeron

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 74)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. Endoplasmic Reticulum, Structure, Function and Transport to Golgi Complex

    1. D. James Morré, D. M. Morré
      Pages 1-15
    2. W. E. Balch, H. Plutner, R. Schwaninger, E. J. Tisdale, H. W. Davidson, J. Bourne et al.
      Pages 35-44
    3. J. B. Lawrence, T. W. Keenan, P. Moreau, D. J. Morré
      Pages 67-68
    4. James M. Crawford, Stephen Barnes, Rebecca C. Stearns, Cynthia L. Hastings, Deborah C. J. Strahs, John J. Godleski
      Pages 69-70
  3. Import into Mitochondria, Peroxisomes, Chloroplasts and Vacuoles

    1. G. C. Shore, H. M. McBride, D. G. Millar, J.-M. Li
      Pages 73-79
    2. Douglas M. Cyr, Michael G. Douglas
      Pages 91-94
    3. G. L. Chen, M. C. McGuinness, G. Hoefler, A. B. Moser
      Pages 95-98
    4. P. A. Walton, S. J. Gould, S. Subramani
      Pages 99-100
    5. D. G. Millar, G. C. Shore
      Pages 105-106
    6. M. F. Manolson, D. Proteau, R. A. Preston, M. E. Colosimo, B. T. Roberts, M. A. Hoyt et al.
      Pages 107-108
    7. M. A. Villanueva, R. Stout, L. R. Griffing
      Pages 111-112
  4. Traffic within and from the Golgi Complex

    1. J. R. Crosby, S. M. Jones, M. S. Ladinsky, K. E. Howell
      Pages 113-116
    2. R. Duden, B. Storrie, R. Pepperkok, J. Scheel, B. Joggerst-Thomalla, A. Sawyer et al.
      Pages 117-126
    3. C. E. Machamer, M. G. Grim, A. Esquela, K. Ryan, A. M. Swift
      Pages 127-133
    4. J. Scheel, J. E. Rickard, P. Pierre, D. Hennig, P. I. Karecla, R. Pepperkok et al.
      Pages 145-157
    5. Sharon A. Tooze
      Pages 159-162
    6. Patricia A. Johnston, Nicholas K. Gonatas
      Pages 171-172
    7. Palmer A. Orlandi, Patricia Currran, Peter H. Fishman
      Pages 173-174
  5. Lipid Trafficking Proteins of the Plasma Membrane and Their Interaction

    1. G. van Meer, I. L. van Genderen, W. van ’t Hof, K. N. J. Burger, P. van der Bijl
      Pages 181-185
    2. P. Moreau, B. Sturbois, L. Maneta-Peyret, D. J. Morré, C. Cassagne
      Pages 187-195
    3. A. Taraboulos, D. R. Borchelt, A. Raeber, D. Avrahami, S. B. Prusiner
      Pages 199-200
    4. G. L. Caporaso, S. E. Gandy, J. D. Buxbaum, T. Suzuki, C. Nordstedt, K. Iverfeldt et al.
      Pages 201-202
    5. F. Bonzelius, G. A. Hermani, M. H. Cardone, K. E. Mostov, R. B. Kelly
      Pages 203-204
  6. The Endocytic Pathway and Signals

    1. I. S. Trowbridge, J. Collawn, S. White, A. Lai
      Pages 205-214
    2. Olivia Steele-Mortimer, Michael J. Clague, Leo Thomas, Jean-Pierre Gorvel, Jean Gruenberg
      Pages 215-228
    3. Margaret S. Robinson, Catriona L. Ball, Matthew N. J. Seaman
      Pages 229-236
    4. Barry I. Posner, John J. M. Bergeron
      Pages 237-244
    5. J. Tooze, M. Hollinshead
      Pages 245-267

About these proceedings


The study of membrane traffic in reconstituted cell-free systems has generated an unprecedented amount of new information on the biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics of membrane-based molecular events that underly normal and abnormal cellular function. Many of the individual steps have now been isolated and dissected in simple systems that permit detailed molecular analyses of transport mechanisms and their regulation. Reconstituted events of intercompartment transport include inter-membrane recognition, and controlled membrane fusion-fission reactions. Among the many advances is the growi ng awareness of a remarkabl e evolutionary conservation of many of the components involved in the many steps of membrane traffic, this realization has accelerated greatly the pace of progress in the field. This book provides a collection of participant contributions from the 1992 Summer Research Conference, "Mol ecul ar Mechani sms of Membrane Traffi c, " jointly sponsored with NATO by the American Society of Cell Biology. The conference was held May 9-13, at the Airlie Conference Center in the Virginia countryside, near Warrenton. The conference was attended by 158 scientists. A unique feature was the high proportion of young scientists among the participants. Approximately 65% were students, postdoctoral fe 11 ows and young investigators. Each attendee contri buted to the conference with either a pl atform or poster presentation.


Chloroplast Nucleotide biochemistry biology enzyme membrane membrane transport molecular biology molecular mechanisms morphology protein proteins protoplasts regulation translation

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  • Kathryn E. Howell
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  • John J. M. Bergeron
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