Hypothesis-Driven Simulation Studies

Assistance for the Systematic Design and Conducting of Computer Simulation Experiments

  • Fabian Lorig

Table of contents

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  2. Introduction and Background

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  3. Hypothesis-Driven Simulation Studies

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  4. Application and Evaluation

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  5. Back Matter
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About this book


Fabian Lorig develops a procedure model for hypothesis-driven simulation studies which supports the design, conducting, and analysis of simulation experiments. It is aimed at facilitating the execution of simulation studies with regard to the replicability and reproducibility of the results. In comparison to existing models, this approach is based on a formally specified hypothesis. Each step of the simulation study can be adapted to the central hypothesis and performed in such a way that it can optimally contribute to the verification and thus to the confirmation or rejection of the hypothesis.

● Foundations and Methods of Simulation
● Assistance and Automation of Simulation
● Requirements Analysis on Hypotheses in Simulation
● Hypothesis-Driven Simulation Studies
● Services for the Assistance of Simulation Studies
● Case Study: Supply Chain Management

Target Groups
● Lecturers and students of information systems research, computer science, and data science
● Practitioners in the fields of simulation, operations research, business process management, and logistics

The Author
Dr. Fabian Lorig works as research associate at the chair of Business Information Systems I at Trier University, Germany. His research focuses on methodology of computer simulation, design of experiments, automation of simulation studies, distributed artificial intelligence, and agent-based social simulation.


Hypothesis-Driven Simulation Studies Automation of Simulation Hypothesis Testing Simulation Studies Epistemology of Simulation Assistance System Design of Experiments Automatisierung von Simulation Hypothesenüberprüfung Simulationsstudien Epistemologie der Simulation Assistenzsystem Experimentdesign

Authors and affiliations

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  1. 1.FB IV, WirtschaftsinformatikUniversität TrierTrierGermany

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