Violence Exposure and Transitional Coping Strategies Among International Students in Poland

  • Edward Omeni

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About this book


Edward Omeni draws on concepts from sociology, psychology, and social pedagogical research to examine experiences of violence among international students in Poland. His research study places particular focus on the range of strategies adopted by the students in response to forms of personal and social violence as well as the resulting forms of social exclusion and precariousness. By means of a detailed analysis of narrative accounts, the dynamics of coping with violence are theorized in the situational/social-cultural context of higher education in Poland, where aspects of intercultural relations and identity struggles of ethnic and cultural minorities remain relatively understudied. 

• The Internationalisation of Higher Education
• International Education and Precarity in the Polish context
• Violence as a Social Process: Victims, Perpetrators and Observers
• Narrative Framings of Violence and Racism
• Psychosocial Perspectives on Coping 
• Student Self Forming and Identity
• Coping as a Symbolic Endeavour
• Coping in Life Transitions
• Documentary Analysis of Narrative Interviews

Target Groups
• Lecturers and students of sociology, social work, migration studies, international education 
• Practitioners in the field of social work

The Author
Dr. Edward Omeni has held faculty positions at Kings College London and the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität of Mainz.  His primary academic interests and research are in the fields of social work, sociology of mental health and healthcare as well as the sociology of coping and social action.


Personal violence Social violence Higher education in Poland Coping with violence Student self-forming and identity Coping in life transitions Documentary method

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