Engineering Service Systems in the Digital Age

  • Benedikt S. Höckmayr

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About this book


Benedikt S. Höckmayr explores the unique characteristics of service systems in the digital age and provides generalizable guidelines for engineering these complex entities. The author contributes towards understanding the socio-technical mechanisms that lead to according novel digitally enabled service offerings, together with paving the way for the maturation of a body of design knowledge for their systematic and structured development. Grounded in the worldview of Design Science Research as a problem-solving paradigm, the knowledge contribution provides innovation and service managers with evidence-based design knowledge that is attuned to be applied in everyday business contexts.

  • Objectives of this Research
  • Grounding of the Research
  • Consuming and Producing Knowledge 
  • Advancing Design Knowledge 
  • Shaping a Body of Design Knowledge 
  • Reflections on the Research 

Target Groups
  • Researchers and students of information systems and service research  
  • Chief executive officers, innovation managers, service engineers in manufacturing and associated sectors

The Author 
Benedikt S. Höckmayr works as an innovation management researcher, project manager and lecturer at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He received his PhD in economic sciences from Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Moeslein at the Department of Information Systems, Chair of Information Systems – Innovation & Value Creation.


Engineering Service Systems Digital Age Digitalization Digital Transformation Service Design Service Systems Engineering Design Science Research Design Knowledge Theory for Design and Action Consuming and Producing Knowledge Advancing Design Knowledge Shaping a Body of Design Knowledge Unique characteristics of service systems Socio-technical mechanisms Worldview of Design Science Research

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