Building Engagement for Sustainable Development

Challenges of Sustainable Economy in Times of Accelerated Change

  • Laurențiu Tăchiciu
  • Gregor Weber
  • Markus Bodemann
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. Cristian Bogan Onete, Sonia Budz, Ioana Teodorescu
    Pages 1-22
  3. Mariana Drăgușin, Mirela Octavia Sîrbu, Raluca Mariana Grosu, Alina-Elena Iosif
    Pages 23-37
  4. Andreea Simona Săseanu, Mihai Adrian Felea, Daniel Ion Zgură
    Pages 39-56
  5. Magdalena Bobe, Maria–Alexandra Toma, Roxana Procopie
    Pages 57-73
  6. Silvius Stanciu, Roxana Sârbu, Doru Alexandru Pleşea, Raluca Crina Bucur
    Pages 97-113
  7. Cristinel Vasiliu, Irina Albăstroiu, Răzvan Dina, Mihaela Bucur
    Pages 115-130
  8. Irina Maiorescu, Smaranda Giuşcă, Gabriel Cristian Sabou
    Pages 131-146
  9. Rodica Pamfilie, Robert Bumbac, Andra Vasilcovschi
    Pages 147-164
  10. Ioana Ceaușu, Marieta Olaru, Gregor Weber, Markus Bodemann
    Pages 165-182
  11. Ruxandra Maria Mateescu, Vasile Dinu, Mihaela Maftei
    Pages 183-195

About these proceedings


The present volume addresses a set of challenges on the pass toward a more sustainable economy and society. Departing from conventional rhetoric on sustainability, the book is an invitation to reflect more closely on everyday routines, on the fundamentals and effects of current activities.

  • Spirituality and Sustainability
  • Senior Entrepreneurship
  • Gender Differences in Leadership
  • Organic vs. Conventional Food Buying Decision
  • Superficial Forms of Culture in the Preferences of Youth
  • Higher Education in Romania
  • Evaluation of a Business Administration Bachelor Program
  • Using Colors for Efficient Problem Solving in Learning
  • Innovation for Companies
  • Startup Assistance: Performance Influence Factors and MetricsFMEA Influence on Risk Handling Costs
  • A Modified Technology Acceptance Model: Self-Driving Cars in a Car Sharing Model

Target Groups
  • Lecturers and students of academic programs in business administration
  • Professionals from consumer related industries and economic policy makers
The Editors

Laurențiu Tăchiciu is professor of business and strategy at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania.
Gregor Weber is CEO of Ecoistics Institute, and leads the research center for sustainability and sustainable energy concepts at diploma-university, Germany
Markus Bodemann is leading manager for virtualization and data center automation.
He also works as researcher at Ecoistics Institute.


sustainability spirituality risk management innovation acceptance sources of innovation higher education gender equality entrepreneurship curriculum consumer behavior society of spectacle cognitive processes active ageing

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  • Laurențiu Tăchiciu
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  • Gregor Weber
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  • Markus Bodemann
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  1. 1.BucurestiRomania
  2. 2.BreunigweilerGermany
  3. 3.WarburgGermany

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