Heat Stability of Concentrated Milk Systems

Kinetics of the Dissociation and Aggregation in High Heated Concentrated Milk Systems

  • Joseph¬†Dumpler

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About this book


In his study, Joseph Dumpler proves a strong correlation between the dry matter content of the milk concentrate and the maximum temperature-time combinations for the heat treatment of concentrated skim milk without visible coagulation. The author also states that direct heat treatment is superior to indirect heat treatment for preservation of liquid milk concentrates or decontamination of concentrated milk before spray drying.

  • Heat Stability of Concentrated Milk 
  • Heat-Induced Coagulation of Concentrated Milk Heated by Direct Steam Injection
  • Dissociation and Coagulation of Caseins and Whey Proteins
  • Modelling of Heat Stability and Heat-Induced Aggregation of Casein Micelles
  • Mechanistic Aspects of Heat-Induced Coagulation
Target Groups
  • Lecturers and students of dairy science and technology, food science and processing
  • Practitioners and suppliers of processing equipment in the fields of dairying, food processing, food process engineering
The Author
During his PhD, Joseph Dumpler was employed as a scientific officer at the Chair Food and Bioprocess Engineering at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan of the Technical University of Munich. His research was focused on the heat stability and heat treatment of concentrated milk by direct steam injection technology.


Thermal processing Direct steam injection Dairy processing Casein micelle Micellar casein Heat-induced coagulation Thermische Verfahrenstechnik Direktdampfinjektion Milchverarbeitung Kaseinmizelle Micellares Kasein Hitzeinduzierte Koagulation Heat Stability of Concentrated Milk Systems

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