Polymer Brush Films with Varied Grafting and Cross-Linking Density via SI-ATRP

Analysis of the Mechanical Properties by AFM

  • Inga Lilge

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About this book


In her research, Inga Lilge focuses on a systematic study of poly(acrylamide) (PAAm) brushes prepared by surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization (SI-ATRP). In addition to the analysis of the time dependence of the polymer brush growth, the conformation of the polymer brushes is varied by grafting or cross-linking density. The results have practical implications for the study of cellular interactions on PAAm brushes since cell-substrate interactions are known to influence various cell characteristics, such as migration and adhesion.

  • Introduction to Polymer Brushes
  • Preparation of Cross-Linked Polymer Brushes
  • Utilization of Binary Monolayers for the Polymer Brush Synthesis
  • Characterization of Modified Gold Surfaces
  • AFM Nanoindentation in Water/Analysis of the Young’s Modulus
Target Groups
  • Lecturers, students and researchers in chemistry, polymer chemistry, surface and materials science
  • Chemists, surface and materials scientists
The Author
Inga Lilge finished her PhD at the University of Siegen, Department of Chemistry & Biology, Germany.


Polymer brushes Polymer Brush Films with Varied Grafting Poly(acrylamide) Mechanical properties Surface modification

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