Pay Variation in Family Firms

  • Jörg Schäfer

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About this book


Jörg Schäfer investigates the influence of family firm specific decision rationales based on socioemotional wealth on vertical and horizontal pay ranges in family firms. Building on a primary data set of over 200 family firms in Germany and applying multiple regression analysis techniques, as well as, the firm conceptual foundation in family firm and compensation theory, the presented study provides answers regarding antecedents of pay variation, and the factors that drive different family firms to pursue and implement specific pay structures and pay variations. Furthermore, the dissertation contributes to the current research discussions, by partially validating the FIBER scale, proving the heterogeneity of family firms and adding robustness to methodology and range measures in the compensation context. 


  • Research on Family Firms, Pay Variation and Compensation in Family Firms
  • Normative SEW (FIBER) Configuration and Vertical/Horizontal Pay Range
  • Research Methodology, Results and Implications 

Target Groups

  • Researchers and students in the fields of strategic management, family business, HR, compensation/pay research
  • Managers and owners of family businesses

The Author

Dr. Jörg Schäfer wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Andreas Hack at the Witten Institute for Family Business (WIFU) at Witten/Herdecke University.


Vertical Pay Ranges Horizontal Pay Ranges Pay Structures FIBER Scale Compensation

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  1. 1.Wittener Institut für FamilienunternehmeUniversität Witten/Herdecke Wittener Institut für FamilienunternehmeWittenGermany

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