Bridging the Gap between Rendering and Simulation Frameworks

Concepts, Approaches and Applications for Modern Multi-Domain VR Simulation Systems

  • Nico┬áHempe

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About this book


Taking into account aspects of semantic world models and graph databases, Nico Hempe presents concepts for a new class of modern Multi-Domain VR Simulation Systems based on the principles of the research field of eRobotics. Nico Hempe not only shows how to overcome structural differences between rendering and simulation frameworks to allow attractive and intuitive representations of the generated results, he also demonstrates ways to enable rendering-supported simulations. The outcome is an intuitive multi-purpose development tool for multiple applications, ranging from industrial domains over environmental scenarios up to space robotics.


  • Concepts of a Sustainable System Structure and a Modern Rendering Framework Based on a Central Semantic Database
  • Rendering Techniques for Intuitive Data Visualizations and Optical Sensor Simulations
  • A Broad Range of Practical eRobotics Applications

Target Groups

    Researchers and students of real-time computer graphics, robotics and sensors
  • Practitioners in the area of Virtual Reality and 3D simulation systems

The Author
As team leader and lead developer at the Institute for Man-Machine Interaction at the RWTH Aachen University, Nico Hempe has many years of practical experience in the areas of Virtual Reality and 3D simulation systems. His research work focuses on real-time rendering, data visualization and sensor simulation.


Virtual Reality Sensor Simulation Real-Time Rendering Data Visualization eRobotics Robotics

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