Simulation of the Noise Transmission through Automotive Door Seals

  • Andreas Hazir

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About this book


Andreas Hazir is investigating the door seal contribution to the interior noise level of production vehicles. These investigations contain experimental contribution analyses of real production vehicles and of academic test cases as well as the development of a simulation methodology for noise transmission through sealing systems and side windows. The simulations are realized by coupling transient computational aeroacoustics of the exterior flow to nonlinear finite element simulations of the structural transmission. By introducing a linear transmission model, the setup and computational costs of the seal noise transmission are significantly reduced, resulting in the feasibility of numerical contribution analyses of real production vehicles.

  • Contribution Analyses of Production Vehicles
  • Acoustic Excitation versus Aeroacoustic Excitation
  • Development of a Simulation Methodology
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Noise Transmission Simulations
Target Groups
  • Researchers and students in the field of automotive engineering
  • Engineers in the field of vehicle acoustics, NVH, structural acoustics, and aeroacoustics
About the Author
After studying technomathematics at the Technical University of Munich, Andreas Hazir started his tenure as a research assistant in the vehicle acoustics department at the University of Stuttgart. In 2014, he joined the aerospace application management team of a software vendor for computational aeroacoustics (CAA). His main field of work involves CAA simulations of aircraft, rotorcraft, engines and liners.


Seal Noise Transmission Interior Noise Level Transient Computational Aeroacoustics Contribution Analysis LBM FEM

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