Variation Based Dense 3D Reconstruction

Application on Monocular Mini-Laparoscopic Sequences

  • Sven┬áPainer

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About this book


In his master thesis, Sven Painer develops, implements, and evaluates a method to reconstruct the liver surface from monocular mini-laparoscopic sequences. The principal focus of his research is to create a basis for helping clinicians to write reports with quantitative descriptions of the liver surface. A Structure from Motion approach is performed to do a sparse reconstruction of the liver surface and subsequently this information is used in a variation based dense 3D reconstruction. The algorithms are formulated in a causal way, enabling the implementation to be run in real-time on an adequate hardware platform. The results show a significant performance increase and pave the way to give clinicians a feedback during video capturing to improve the quality of the reconstruction in the near future.

  • Photometric Invariants
  • Legendre-Fenchel Transformation
  • Structure from Motion#
  • Variational Approach
Target Groups
  • Lecturers and Students of Computer Sciences, especially interested in 3D Reconstruction
  • Clinicians
The Author
Sven Painer is working as a PhD student at the Vision Systems Institute at Hamburg University of Technology. He continues the work on 3D reconstruction that he started during his master thesis.


Liver Cirrhosis Variational Methods Structure from Motion Computer Vision Endoscopy

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