Observables and Symmetries of n-Plectic Manifolds

  • Leonid Ryvkin

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About this book


Leonid Ryvkin gives a motivated and self-sustained introduction to n-plectic geometry with a special focus on symmetries. The relevant algebraic structures from scratch are developed. The author generalizes known symplectic notions, notably observables and symmetries, to the n-plectic case, culminating in solving the existence question for co-moment maps for general pre-n-plectic manifolds. Finally partial results scattered along the literature are derived from our general result.


  • Strongly Homotopy Lie Algebras
  • Observables and Symmetries of n-Plectic Manifolds

Target Groups

  • Researchers and students in the fields of algebra and geometry
  • Pracitioners in these areas

The Author

Leonid Ryvkin wrote his master thesis at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and is currently working on his PhD studies.


Co-Moment Maps Strongly Homotopy Lie Algebras N-Plectic Geometry Algebraic Structures Symplectic Notions

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