Multilevel Business Processes

Modeling and Data Analysis

  • Christoph G. Schuetz

Table of contents

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  4. Modeling

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      Pages 57-104
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  5. Data Analysis

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      Pages 169-169
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      Pages 171-195
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      Pages 197-211
  6. Back Matter
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About this book


Christoph G. Schuetz examines the conceptual modeling aspects of multilevel business processes without neglecting the implementation aspects. Furthermore, he investigates the advantages of hetero-homogeneous models for quantitative business process analysis. Multilevel models reflect the reality of many information systems. In this respect process-aware information systems are no exception. Multilevel models capture interdependencies between business processes at different organizational levels and allow for a convenient representation of business process variability which, in turn, facilitates the analysis of business processes across different organizational units.


  • Core Metamodel for Multilevel Objects
  • Multilevel Business Artifacts
  • Hetero-Homogeneous Business Process Models
  • Multilevel Business Process Automation
  • Multilevel Business Process Intelligence

Target Groups

  • Researchers and students in business informatics, computer science, and business administration.
  • Business process management professionals

The Author

Christoph G. Schuetz is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Business Informatics – Data & Knowledge Engineering of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. His research interests include data warehousing, semantic web, business process management, and data privacy.


Artifact-Centric Business Process Management Business Process Flexibility Business Process Variability Conceptual Data Modeling Metamodeling Multilevel Business Process Automation

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  • Christoph G. Schuetz
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  1. 1.Johannes Kepler UniversitätLinzAustria

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