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Handling Exceptional Situations in Access Control


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About this book


Helmut Petritsch describes the first holistic approach to Break-Glass which covers the whole life-cycle: from access control modeling (pre-access), to logging the security-relevant system state during Break-Glass accesses (at-access), and the automated analysis of Break-Glass accesses (post-access).

Break-Glass allows users to override security restrictions in exceptional situations. While several Break-Glass models specific to given access control models have already been discussed in research (e.g., extending RBAC with Break-Glass), the author introduces a generic Break-Glass model. The presented model is generic both in the sense that it allows to model existing Break-Glass approaches and that it is independent of the underlying access control model.


  • Generic Break-Glass model and Break-Glass lifecycle
  • Policy definition: pre-access
  • User information, recording the system state: at-access
  • Analysis: post-access

 Target Groups

  • Researchers and students in the field of computer science and access control, as well as scholars applying the concept of emergency access, e.g., in medical care
  •  Application developers with demanding requirements regarding the access control system, e.g., using XACML; application architects for systems implementing emergency access

About the Author

Helmut Petritsch is currently working as developer of enterprise software at a German multinational company.


Automated Post-Access Analysis Break-Glass Dynamic Access Control Recording System State Security Override

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  1. 1.Strategic Customer EngagementSAP AGWalldorfGermany

About the authors

Helmut Petritsch is currently working as developer of enterprise software at a German multinational company.

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