Leadership of Networks and Performance

A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

  • Susanne Ruckdäschel

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About this book


In contrast to hierarchical leadership within intra-organizational contexts, leaders of inter-organizational networks have to lead across organizational boundaries without hierarchical fiat or directive authority. The central research question of Susanne Ruckdäschel is how leadership behavior of network managers can influence network performance. Hereby, relational leadership in the form of empowering leadership is regarded as decisive criterion. Her study focuses on the interplay between network leaders and network companies. The perspectives of both the network managers and the network members are illuminated. Therefore, first, a mixed methods study is conducted from the perspective of the network managers and second, a quantitative analysis based on a structural equation model focuses on the perspective of the network members.


  •  Leadership of regional networks
  •  Empowering leadership
  •  Network performance
  •  Cultural and structural differences

Target Groups

  • Lecturers and students of business administration with a focus on leadership, international management and/or regional development 
  • Network or cluster managers, policy makers, and SMEs in regional networks

The Author

Susanne Ruckdäschel received her PhD at the University of Passau, where she was affiliated to the Chair of International Management (Prof. Dr. Carola Jungwirth). Her research interests include leadership of regional networks as well as intercultural comparisons of regional networks.


Cultural and structural differences Empowering leadership Network leadership and governance Network performance Regional networks/Cluster

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