Advanced Real-Time Manipulation of Video Streams

  • Jan Herling

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About this book


Diminished Reality is a new fascinating technology that removes real-world content from live video streams. This sensational live video manipulation actually removes real objects and generates a coherent video stream in real-time. Viewers cannot detect modified content. Existing approaches are restricted to moving objects and static or almost static cameras and do not allow real-time manipulation of video content. Jan Herling presents a new and innovative approach for real-time object removal with arbitrary camera movements.


  • Real-time Video and Image Inpainting
  • Diminished and Mediated Reality
  • Video and Image Manipulation and Synthesis


Target Groups

  • Researchers and students in the fields of Real-time Video Inpainting and Image Inpainting
  • Experts in Video and Image Synthesis and in Computer Vision

 About the Author

Jan Herling received the master’s degree (Dipl.-Inf.) in computer science from the RWTH Aachen University in 2008 and the PhD degree from the Ilmenau University of Technology in 2013. He is a CTO and cofounder of fayteq, a company concerned with advanced video manipulation technologies.


Diminished Reality Image Inpainting Mediated Reality Real-time Video Inpainting Video Manipulation

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