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Contemporary Turkey at a Glance

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Local and Translocal Dynamics

ISBN: 978-3-658-04915-7 (Print) 978-3-658-04916-4 (Online)

Table of contents (14 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages 1-6

  2. Chapter

    Pages 7-8


  3. Chapter

    Pages 9-12


  4. Chapter

    Pages 13-24

    Architectural Memorialization at Turkey’s ›Witness Sites‹: The Case of the Madimak Hotel

  5. Chapter

    Pages 25-39

    On The Path of Pir Sultan? Engagement with Authority in the Modern Alevi Movement

  6. Chapter

    Pages 41-56

    The Institutional History of Family Planning in Turkey

  7. Chapter

    Pages 57-73

    Civil Society in Turkey: A Reading of Kadin Gazetesi through a Gramscian Lens

  8. Chapter

    Pages 75-91

    New Turkish Citizenship? Contestation of Muslim Women and LGBT Organizations

  9. Chapter

    Pages 93-109

    Islamist Party Identity in Right-Wing Milieus: The Case of the National Outlook Movement in Kayseri (1960 – 1980)

  10. Chapter

    Pages 111-124

    Headscarf in the Context of Precarious Work: A Critical Approach to the Headscarf Discussion in Turkey

  11. Chapter

    Pages 125-138

    Competing or Compatible Language Identities in Istanbul’s Kurdish Workplaces?

  12. Chapter

    Pages 139-155

    Market Embedded Transnationalism: Citizenship Practices of Turkish Elites

  13. Chapter

    Pages 157-172

    The Digital Bridge Between Turkey and Germany: Transnational Use of Digital Media in the Turkish Diaspora

  14. Chapter

    Pages 173-189

    »Homeland« in »Dreamland«? Space and Identity in Göçmen Konutlari

  15. Chapter

    Pages 191-204

    ›Inclusion‹ and ›Exclusion‹: Transnational Experiences of Turkish and Kurdish Youth in London

  16. Back Matter

    Pages 205-208