On Good Management

The Corporate Lifecycle: An essay and interviews with Franz Fehrenbach, Jürgen Hambrecht, Wolfgang Reitzle and Alexander Rittweger

  • Burkhard Schwenker
  • Mario Müller-Dofel

Part of the Roland Berger School of Strategy and Economics book series (RBSE)

Table of contents

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    Pages 1-13
  2. Burkhard Schwenker, Mario Müller-Dofel
    Pages 15-27
  3. Burkhard Schwenker, Mario Müller-Dofel
    Pages 29-62
  4. Burkhard Schwenker, Mario Müller-Dofel
    Pages 65-115
  5. Burkhard Schwenker, Mario Müller-Dofel
    Pages 117-127
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 128-131

About this book


Change or die! With this stark claim begins the journey through the corporate lifecycle. Why do so many companies fail? Why do managers struggle to recognize change early or hesitate to take vigorous action? Why – and how – must the traditional lifecycle concept be modernized if it is still to provide valid orientation?

In this essay, Roland Berger CEO Burkhard Schwenker analyzes the challenges facing managers today and explores their implications for good management. Corporate management, he argues, must once again become more direct, more personal, more entrepreneurial. His experienced and thoughtful analysis is complemented by insightful, candid interviews with renowned entrepreneurs and business leaders, conducted by journalist Mario Müller-Dofel. Finally, Schwenker outlines an agenda calling for action in six specific areas.


The contents

•• We chart a new, contemporary lifecycle concept

•• We provide in-depth insights into the leadership experiences of renowned entrepreneurs and business leaders

•• We show how we can come closer to the ideal of good management

The target groups

•• Top managers

•• executives

•• entrepreneurs

•• coaches


The authors

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker is CEO of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Chairman of Roland Berger School of Strategy and Economics. He teaches strategic management at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

Mario Müller-Dofel is a business journalist, interviewer and communications/behavior coach. He is founder of the training company DIALEKTIK for Business, based in Frankfurt (Main).


About Roland Berger School of Strategy and Economics

Roland Berger School of Strategy and Economics (RBSE) is the corporate university of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. It is where our consultants pool their knowledge, and the means by which they share it both within Roland Berger and with the outside world. RBSE's mission is to help business leaders master the complexities of corporate management and develop sustainable strategies. Our book series, published by Springer Gabler, and our further publications present the latest research findings and a unique store of methodological expertise.


Corporate Lifecycle Execution Growth Leadership Management

Authors and affiliations

  • Burkhard Schwenker
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  • Mario Müller-Dofel
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  1. 1.Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbHHamburgGermany
  2. 2. Handy: 0172 4419421Dialektik for BusinessFrankfurtGermany

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