Cerebral Protection in Cerebrovascular and Aortic Surgery

  • J. Ennker
  • Joseph S. Coselli
  • T. Treasure
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  1. Front Matter
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  2. Protection, diagnosis and treatment of cerebral ischemia

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. W. Paschen, K.-A. Hossmann
      Pages 3-10
    3. K. Herholz, H. Lanfermann
      Pages 11-22
    4. Wolfgang Harringer, X.-M. You, G. Steinhoff, U. Linstedt, A. Haverich
      Pages 23-26
    5. Werner Hacke, S. Schwab, M. De Georgia
      Pages 37-48
  3. Cerebral protection in Cerebrovascular Surgery

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 49-49
    2. A. Thiel, G. Hempelmann
      Pages 51-57
    3. Michael Dinkel, H. Langer, H. Loerler, J. Pflumm, J. Schüttler, H. Schweiger
      Pages 59-66
    4. P. O. Kazantchian, Vadim A. Popov, T. V. Rudakova
      Pages 67-70
    5. Maria Rosaria Cirelli, F. Magnoni, L. Pedrini, M. D’Addato
      Pages 71-74
    6. A. V. Gagaev, Anton L. Maximov, I. E. Soboleva, E. V. Chebotar, A. A. Charov, M. V. Riazanov et al.
      Pages 75-78
  4. Cerebral protection in the pediatric age group

  5. Neurophysiology, monitoring, cardiopulmonary bypass technique

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 131-131
    2. Bernfried Zickmann, K. Wulf, F. Dapper, G. Hempelmann
      Pages 133-141
    3. G. Nollert, P. Möhnle, P. Tassani-Prell, M. Schmoeckel, A. Welz, B. Reichart
      Pages 157-169
    4. Frank Isgro, Ch. Schmidt, G. Grimm, W. Saggau
      Pages 171-175
  6. Cerebral protection in aortic arch surgery

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 185-185
    2. Jean Bachet, D. Guilmet, G. Dreyfus, B. Goudot, A. Piquois
      Pages 193-201
    3. H. Akashi, K. Tayama, S. Fukunaga, K. Kosuga, S. Aoyagi
      Pages 203-209
    4. M. Ehrlich, M. Grabenwöger, D. Luckner, F. Cartes-Zumelzu, P. Simon, G. Grubhofer et al.
      Pages 219-223
    5. Peter Kleine, C. Draeger, A. Alken, J. Laas
      Pages 225-228
    6. L. Camilleri, B. Legault, D. Carrié, I. Brazzalotto, P. Bailly, L. Boyer et al.
      Pages 251-254
    7. Chr. J. Boeckxstaens, V. van Hoof, R. Vanmaele, W. J. Flameng
      Pages 255-271

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Among the greatest challenges in cardiovascular surgery today remain operations on aortic arch pathology, supraaortic vessels, and the protection of the brain from hypoxic or ischemic injury during these delicate operations. Since DeBakey's first successful repair of an aortic arch aneurysm in 1957, understanding of the aortic arch pathology, neuroprotective strategies, neuromonitoring and surgical technique have markedly improved. Although the specific surgical procedures have reached an advanced standard and general acceptance, many questions remain unanswered and have contributed to ongoing controversy.
Cerebral Protection in Cerebrovascular and Aortic Surgery presents the current knowledge of understanding causes and pathogenesis of cerebral damage during surgery on the aortic arch and supraaortic vessels and prevention of brain damage by specific surgical therapy.


aneurysm arteries brain bypass cardiac surgery cardiovascular heart monitoring pathogenesis pathology prevention surgery surgical technique therapy vascular surgery

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