Entrepreneurship in CentralEast Europe

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  • Jana Sereghyová

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The transformation process, on which all four CentralEast European countries, i.e. the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and the Slovak Republic, have em­ barked, has become the subject of numerous publications. But as yet the majority of them dealt with institutional (systematic) changes and their implications for macroeconomic developments, while changes going on in the enterprise sphere received as yet only little attention. Even the few publications dealing with mi­ croeconomic topics focused only on individual issues and are thus unable to give a comprehensive picture of new entrepreneurial opportunities emerging in these countries. In order to fill this gap, economists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Hun­ gary, Poland and Spain put forward a proposition to analyse these developments in the framework of the A.C.E. programme of the European Communities. The E.C. included the research project entitled "Entrepreneurship in CentralEast Eu­ ropean Countries in the Framework of Increasing East-West Economic Compati­ bility" into the second round of that programme.


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  • Jana Sereghyová
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