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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Invited and selected oral contributions at ISSPIC 9

    1. R. Kusche, Th. Hippler, M. Schmidt, B. von Issendorff, H. Haberland
      Pages 1-4
    2. T. Möller, K. von Haeften, T. Laarman, R. von Pietrowski
      Pages 5-9
    3. F. Federmann, K. Hoffmann, N. Quaas, J. P. Toennies
      Pages 11-14
    4. L. Schweikhard, S. Krückeberg, K. Lützenkirchen, C. Walther
      Pages 15-20
    5. K. Bromann, M. Giovannini, H. Brune, K. Kern
      Pages 25-28
    6. U. Heiz, A. Sanchez, S. Abbet, W.-D. Schneider
      Pages 35-39
    7. N. Malinowski, W. Branz, I. M. L. Billas, M. Heinebrodt, F. Tast, T. P. Martin
      Pages 41-44
    8. M. Mertig, R. Kirsch, W. Pompe, H. Engelhardt
      Pages 45-48
    9. M. Pellarin, C. Ray, J. Lermé, J. L. Vialle, M. Broyer, X. Blase et al.
      Pages 49-54
    10. P. Milani, E. Barborini, P. Piseri, C. E. Bottani, A. C. Ferrari, A. Li Bassi
      Pages 63-68
    11. M. S. Dresselhaus, G. Dresselhaus, M. Pimenta
      Pages 69-75
    12. Ph. Poncharal, St. Frank, Z. L. Wang, W. A. de Heel
      Pages 77-79
    13. S. S. Xie, W. Z. Li, Z. W. Pan, B. H. Chang, L. F. Sun
      Pages 85-89
    14. P. Scheier, B. Dünser, G. Senn, H. Drexel, HP. Winter, F. Aumayr et al.
      Pages 91-94
    15. R. N. Barnett, C. L. Cleveland, H. Häkkinen, W. D. Luedtke, C. Yannouleas, U. Landman
      Pages 95-104
    16. S. M. Reimann, M. Koskinen, J. Kolehmainen, M. Manninen, D. G. Austing, S. Tarucha
      Pages 105-110
    17. P.-G. Reinhard, M. Brack, F. Calvayrac, C. Kohl, S. Kümmel, E. Suraud et al.
      Pages 111-117
  3. Free atomic and molecular clusters (experiment)

    1. J. Borggreen, F. Chandezon, O. Echt, H. Grimley, K. Hansen, P. M. Hansen et al.
      Pages 119-122
    2. M. Gartz, C. Keutgen, S. Kuenneke, U. Kreibig
      Pages 127-131
    3. M. Heinebrodt, N. Malinowski, F. Tast, W. Branz, I. M. L. Billas, T. P. Martin
      Pages 133-136
    4. S. Krückeberg, G. Dietrich, K. Lützenkirchen, L. Schweikhard, C. Walther, J. Ziegler
      Pages 145-148
    5. G. Senn, D. Muigg, G. Denifl, A. Stamatovic, P. Scheier, T. D. Märk
      Pages 149-152
    6. S. Yurgenson, C.-C. Hu, C. Kim, J. A. Northby
      Pages 153-157
    7. G. Senn, D. Muigg, G. Denifl, A. Stamatovic, P. Scheier, T. D. Märk
      Pages 159-162
    8. A. Terasaki, S. Minemoto, M. Iseda, T. Kondow
      Pages 163-168
    9. S. Krückeberg, G. Dietrich, K. Lützenkirchen, L. Schweikhard, C. Walther, J. Ziegler
      Pages 169-172
    10. H. Weidele, P. Lievens, M. Vogel, A. Herlert, S. Krückeberg, R. E. Silverans et al.
      Pages 173-177
  4. Free atomic and molecular clusters (theory)

    1. J. Akola, H. Häkkinen, M. Manninen
      Pages 179-182
    2. V. Bonačić-Koutecký, M. Boiron, J. Pittner, P. Fantucci, J. Koutecký
      Pages 183-187
    3. F. Calvo, A. Boutin, P. Labastie
      Pages 189-193
    4. D. A. Card, D. E. Folmer, S. Kooi, S. Sato, A. W. Castleman Jr.
      Pages 195-200
    5. S. V. Krivov, S. F. Chekmarev
      Pages 205-209
    6. I. L. Garzón, K. Michaelian, M. R. Beltrán, A. Posada-Amarillas, P. Ordejón, E. Artacho et al.
      Pages 211-215
    7. F. Nogueira, J. L. Martins, C. Fiolhais
      Pages 229-233
    8. D. Rayane, A. R. Allouche, E. Benichou, R. Antoine, M. Aubert-Frecon, Ph. Dugourd et al.
      Pages 243-248
    9. R. B. Huang, Q. Zhang, H. Chen, L. S. Zheng
      Pages 253-256
  5. Mixed clusters (experiment)

About these proceedings


Clusters are steadily growing in importance, both as the subjects of basic research covering the gap between single atoms and macroscopic condensed matter, and for material science as tools for the preparation of surfaces with specifically designed properties. The International Symposium on Small Particles and Inorganic Clusters (ISSPIC) have for a substantial number of years constituted the main forum for discussions of the most recent results in cluster physics and chemistry. The ninth symposium in the series, which took place in Lausanne in September 1998, was no exception to the trend. These proceedings reflect the diversity and the originality of the contributions presented at the symposium, and update the field right up to the latest developments.


Atom Clusters atoms chemistry cluster condensed matter development particles physics

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