Neurocritical Care

  • Werner Hacke
  • Daniel F. Hanley
  • Karl M. Einhäupl
  • Thomas P. Bleck
  • Michael N. Diringer
  • Allan H. Ropper

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXXI
  2. General Approaches to Neurocritical Care

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Intensive Care and Monitoring

      1. Klaus Rieke, John A. Ulatowski, Karl M. Einhäupl, Werner Hacke
        Pages 3-15
      2. Klaus Rieke, John A. Ulatowski, Werner Hacke
        Pages 16-22
      3. Eric Aldrich, Rolf Biniek, Werner Hacke
        Pages 23-35
      4. Michael N. Diringer, Rudolf W. Ch. Janzen, Werner Hacke
        Pages 36-45
      5. Klaus Spitzer, Erich Schmutzhard, Michael N. Diringer
        Pages 46-56
    3. General Monitoring

      1. Derk Krieger, Marc Nuwer, Helmut Buchner, Michael N. Diringer
        Pages 59-73
      2. Erich Bernd Ringelstein, Christian Werner, Alex Razumovsky, Werner Hacke
        Pages 74-89
      3. Mark S. Schnitzer, Alfred A. Aschoff, Werner Hacke
        Pages 90-97
    4. General Treatment Strategies

      1. Alexander Hartmann, Robert Stingele, Mark Schnitzer, Daniel F. Hanley
        Pages 101-115
      2. Josef F. Zander, Dennis L. Bourke, Daniel F. Hanley
        Pages 116-124
      3. Tricia Schultz, Ernst F. Hund, Daniel F. Hanley
        Pages 125-138
      4. Manfred Hörmann, Daniel F. Hanley
        Pages 157-161
      5. Michael A. De Georgia, Rainer Zimmermann, Gregory J. Del Zoppo, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 162-166
      6. David R. Cornblath, Reinhard Hohlfeld, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 167-172
      7. Matthias Blumenstein, Karl M. Einhäupl, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 173-178
      8. Volker Schuchardt, Heinrich K. Geiss, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 179-189
      9. Judith Ski Lower, Berthilde Ganz, Michael N. Diringer
        Pages 190-202
      10. Volker Hömberg, James N. Davis, Michael N. Diringer
        Pages 203-209
      11. Karl-Heinz Mauritz, Petra Denzler, Michael N. Diringer
        Pages 210-217
      12. Michael N. Diringer, Thorsten Steiner, Heinz Angstwurm
        Pages 218-234
      13. William A. Baumgartner, Hubert Böhrer, Eike Martin, Michael N. Diringer
        Pages 235-240
  3. Differential Diagnosis of Symptoms and Signs

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 241-241
    2. Erich Schmutzhard, Allan H. Ropper, Werner Hacke
      Pages 243-254
    3. Stefan Schwab, Thomas Brott, Rüdiger Von Kummer, Werner Hacke
      Pages 255-269
    4. Klaus Poeck, Werner Hacke
      Pages 270-276
    5. Hermann Stefan, Ronald B. Lesser, Werner Hacke
      Pages 277-284
    6. Brigitte Wildemann, Gerald Dal Pan, Werner Hacke
      Pages 285-291
    7. Roman Haberl, Dennis G. Vollmer, Werner Hacke
      Pages 292-306
    8. Wolfgang Müllges, Klaus V. Toyka, Hans-Peter Hartung, Daniel F. Hanley
      Pages 307-318
    9. Derk Krieger, Michael S. Pessin, Andreas Ferbert, Daniel F. Hanley
      Pages 319-328
    10. Marianne Dieterich, Ronald J. Tusa, Daniel F. Hanley
      Pages 329-341
    11. Marianne Dieterich, Daniel F. Hanley
      Pages 342-343
    12. Detlef Kömpf, Werner Hacke, Daniel F. Hanley
      Pages 344-352
    13. Derk Krieger, Shreyas V. Patel, Daniel F. Hanley
      Pages 353-365
    14. Jeffrey I. Frank, Daniel F. Hanley
      Pages 366-373
  4. Neurocritical Care for Defined Diseases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 375-375
    2. Inflammatory Diseases: Bacterial Infections

      1. Hans-Walter Pfister, Karen L. Roos, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 377-397
      2. Erich Schmutzhard, Ulrich Roelcke, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 398-406
      3. Philip A. Villanueva, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 407-417
      4. Hilmar W. Prange, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 418-427
      5. Wolfgang Pankl, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 428-432
      6. Thomas P. Bleck, Klaus Unertl
        Pages 433-440
      7. Hans-Walter Pfister, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 441-445
      8. Hans-Walter Pfister, Thomas P. Bleck
        Pages 446-451
    3. Inflammatory Diseases: Viral Infections

      1. Uta Meyding-Lamadé, Daniel F. Hanley, Birgit Sköldenberg
        Pages 455-467
      2. Frank Tiecks, Hans-Walter Pfister, C. George Ray, Karl M. Einhäupl, Werner Hacke
        Pages 468-492
      3. Brigitte Storch-Hagenlocher, Diane E. Griffin, Karl M. Einhäupl, Werner Hacke
        Pages 493-499

About this book


A Quick Reference Text! Easy to read and practical in design, Neurocritical Care is the book specialists will turn to for quick reference. It concentrates on management problems, from diagnostic procedures to therapeutic strategies. Exact descriptions are given for treatment procedures, and it is easy to find the appropriate treatment for a given patient. International Expertise! More than 100 authors from North America have contributed to the book. The different strategies used on either side of the Atlantic have been described, the sections on neuroimaging have been reviewed by a neuroradiologist. Comprehensive in Scope! Both frequent and rare neurological diseases that may require critical care treatment and subjects of more general interest such as monitoring strategies, ethical problems, brain death and neurological disorders in internal medicine have been covered. Pathophysiology is also discussed, insomuch as it is important for understanding the treatment strategies.


Trauma anesthesiology brain care complications critical care intensive care intensive care unit internal medicine neurology organ transplantation pain stroke transplantation ventilation

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  • Daniel F. Hanley
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  • Karl M. Einhäupl
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  • Thomas P. Bleck
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  • Michael N. Diringer
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  • Allan H. Ropper
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  1. 1.Department of NeurologyRuprecht-Karls-UniversityHeidelbergGermany
  2. 2.Department of NeurologyJohns Hopkins HospitalBaltimoreUSA
  3. 3.Department of NeurologyHumboldt University BerlinBerlinGermany
  4. 4.Department of Neurology, Medical CenterUniversity of VirginiaCharlottesvilleUSA
  5. 5.Department of NeurologyWashington University, Medical CenterSt. LouisUSA
  6. 6.Department of NeurologySt. Elizabeth’s HospitalBostonUSA

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