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Quantum Mechanics I


Part of the Texts and Monographs in Physics book series (TMP)

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    Pages I-XVI
  2. Alberto Galindo, Pedro Pascual
    Pages 1-32
  3. Alberto Galindo, Pedro Pascual
    Pages 33-87
  4. Alberto Galindo, Pedro Pascual
    Pages 88-129
  5. Alberto Galindo, Pedro Pascual
    Pages 130-188
  6. Alberto Galindo, Pedro Pascual
    Pages 189-219
  7. Alberto Galindo, Pedro Pascual
    Pages 220-261
  8. Alberto Galindo, Pedro Pascual
    Pages 262-300
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 301-417

About this book


The first edition of this book was published in 1978 and a new Spanish e(,tition in 1989. When the first edition appeared, Professor A. Martin suggested that an English translation would meet with interest. Together with Professor A. S. Wightman, he tried to convince an American publisher to translate the book. Financial problems made this impossible. Later on, Professors E. H. Lieband W. Thirring proposed to entrust Springer-Verlag with the translation of our book, and Professor W. BeiglbOck accepted the plan. We are deeply grateful to all of them, since without their interest and enthusiasm this book would not have been translated. In the twelve years that have passed since the first edition was published, beautiful experiments confirming some of the basic principles of quantum me­ chanics have been carried out, and the theory has been enriched with new, im­ portant developments. Due reference to all of this has been paid in this English edition, which implies that modifications have been made to several parts of the book. Instances of these modifications are, on the one hand, the neutron interfer­ ometry experiments on wave-particle duality and the 27r rotation for fermions, and the crucial experiments of Aspect et al. with laser technology on Bell's inequalities, and, on the other hand, some recent results on level ordering in central potentials, new techniques in the analysis of anharmonic oscillators, and perturbative expansions for the Stark and Zeeman effects.


collision particles quantum mechanics scattering scattering theory

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  1. 1.Departamento de Física TeóricaUniversidad Complutense Facultad de Ciencias FísicasMadridSpain
  2. 2.Departamento de Física TeóricaUniversidad de Barcelona Facultad de FísicaBarcelonaSpain

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