Atomic Physics of Highly Charged Ions

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen Giessen, Federal Republic of Germany, 10–14 September 1990

  • Erhard Salzborn
  • Paul H. Mokler
  • Alfred Müller
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XV
  2. Invited Papers

    1. R. W. Dunford, H. G. Berry, D. A. Church, T. P. Dinneen, M. Hass, C. J. Liu et al.
      Pages 13-16
    2. H. P. Summers, P. Thomas, R. Giannella, M. von Hellermann, W. Dickson, K. Lawson et al.
      Pages 17-21
    3. M. S. Pindzola, N. R. Badnell, D. L. Moores, D. C. Griffin
      Pages 23-27
    4. E. K. Wåhlin, J. S. Thompson, G. H. Dunn, R. A. Phaneuf, D. C. Gregory, A. C. H. Smith
      Pages 35-38
    5. S. Datz, P. F. Dittner, J. Gomez del Campo, H. F. Krause, T. M. Rosseel, C. R. Vane
      Pages 45-50
    6. R. Dörner, J. Ullrich, O. Jagutzki, S. Lencinas, H. Schmidt-Böcking, R. E. Olson
      Pages 57-61
    7. A. Wolf, J. Berger, M. Bock, D. Habs, B. Hochadel, G. Kilgus et al.
      Pages 69-75
    8. R. Hoekstra, F. J. de Heer, R. Morgenstern
      Pages 81-85
    9. J. E. Hansen, H. van der Hart, M. Landtman, Y.-T. Shen, N. Vaeck
      Pages 87-91
    10. P. Roncin, H. Laurent, L. Guillemot, M. N. Gaboriaud, M. Barat
      Pages 93-98
    11. Dieter H. H. Hoffmann, K.-G. Dietrich, W. Laux, E. Boggasch, K. Mahrt-Olt, H. Wahl et al.
      Pages 105-109
    12. M. P. Stöckli
      Pages 111-115
    13. J. P. Briand, L. de Billy, P. Charles, J. P. Desclaux, P. Briand, R. Geller et al.
      Pages 123-126
    14. E. S. Parilis
      Pages 127-127
    15. H. J. Andrä, A. Simionovici, T. Lamy, A. Brenac, G. Lamboley, J. J. Bonnet et al.
      Pages 135-142
  3. Contributed Papers

    1. W. L. Wiese, J. R. Fuhr, W. C. Martin, A. Musgrove, J. Sugar
      Pages 147-148
    2. U. I. Safronova
      Pages 149-150
    3. I. A. Ivanov, U. I. Safronova
      Pages 151-152
    4. L. P. Presnyakov, A. P. Shevelko, D. B. Uskov
      Pages 157-158
    5. M. Cornille, J. Dubau, M. Loulergue, F. Bely-Dubau, P. Faucher
      Pages 159-160
    6. S. V. Bobashev, N. N. Salashchenko, L. A. Shmaenok
      Pages 161-162
    7. V. B. Kutner, Yu. A. Bykovski, V. P. Gusev, Yu. P. Kozyrev, V. D. Peklenkov
      Pages 165-166
    8. E. Unterreiter, F. Aumayr, H. Winter
      Pages 167-168
    9. G. Ribitzki, A. Ulrich, B. Busch, W. Krötz, R. Miller, J. Wieser
      Pages 169-170
    10. A. Förster, T. Kahlbaum, A. Rickert
      Pages 171-173
    11. W. Faust, C. Hahn, M. Rückert, H. Schneider, A. Singe, I. Tobehn
      Pages 175-177
    12. R. Jertz, G. Bollen, H.-J. Kluge, L. Schweikhard, H. Stolzenberg, I. Bergström et al.
      Pages 179-180
    13. G. von Oppen
      Pages 181-182
    14. M. Klapisch, P. Duffy, W. H. Goldstein
      Pages 185-186
    15. G. Hofmann, A. Müller, B. Weißbecker, M. Stenke, K. Tinschert, E. Salzborn
      Pages 189-191
    16. D. Vogel, P. Beiersdorfer, R. Marrs, K. Wong, R. Zasadzinski
      Pages 193-195
    17. K. L. Wong, P. Beiersdorfer, D. Vogel, R. Marrs, M. Levine
      Pages 197-199
    18. R. W. O’Neill, I. G. Hughes, I. D. Williams
      Pages 201-202

About these proceedings


This book contains the invited lectures and contributed papers presented at the V International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions, which was held at the lustus-Liebig-Universi­ tat Giessen, 10-14 September 1990. This conference was the ftfth in a series -after Stockholm (1982), Oxford (1984), Groningen (1986) and Grenoble (1988) -to deal with a rapidly growing fteld, which comprises the spectroscopy of highly charged ions and their interactions with photons, electrons, atoms, ions, and solids. Most of the matter of the universe is in the ionized state. Investigations dealing with hot plasmas on earth have been greatly furthered by thermonuclear-fusion research. The increasing maturity of this programme has revealed the fundamental role of highly charged ions in fusion plasmas. Today, it is clear that a detailed knowledge of the production mechanisms of highly charged ions and their interactions with other plasma constituents is an important prerequisite for a better understanding of the microscopic and macroscopic plasma properties. The study of highly charged ions involves various branches of physics. It was the aim of the conference to bring together physicists working in atomic collisions and spectroscopy, in plasma physics and astrophysics, as well as in solid-state and ion-source physics. About 220 scientists from 20 nations attended the conference, indicating the strong worldwide interest and the vital­ ity of research in this fteld.


Atom, hochangeregtes Ionisation Präzisionsspektroskopie Rekombination (Phys.) Spektroskopie collision highly ionized atoms ionization precision spectroscopy recombination

Editors and affiliations

  • Erhard Salzborn
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  • Paul H. Mokler
    • 2
  • Alfred Müller
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für KernphysikStrahlenzentrum der Justus-Liebig-Universität GiessenGiessenGermany
  2. 2.Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbHDarmstadt 11Germany

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