Cytokines in Hemopoiesis, Oncology, and AIDS

  • Mathias Freund
  • Hartmut Link
  • Karl Welte
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-lvii
  2. Overview

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. N. A. Cicco, W. Oster, A. Lindemann, R. Mertelsmann, F. Herrmann
      Pages 15-25
  3. Preclinical and In Vitro Data

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 27-27
    2. Colony Stimulating Factors in Normal Hematopoiesis

      1. R. Haas, D. Schwarz, S. Hohaus, E. Ogniben, G. Wulf, W. Hunstein
        Pages 37-44
      2. H. Kreipe, H. J. Radzun, K. Heidorn, J. Barth, M. R. Parwaresch
        Pages 53-58
      3. P. Valent, J. Besemer, H. Stockinger, E. Liehl, P. Bettelheim
        Pages 67-71
      4. G. Reisbach, J. Ellwart, P. Dörmer
        Pages 81-83
      5. P. Valent, K. Geissler, P. Kalhs, P. Kier, P. Bettelheim
        Pages 85-89
      6. M. Lübbert, C. W. Miller, R. Mertelsmann, F. Herrmann, H. P. Koeffler
        Pages 91-101
      7. A. A. Fauser, P. Laneuville, R. Tellier, G. Egert, G. W. Löhr
        Pages 103-106
    3. Colony Stimulating Factors in Malignant Hematopoiesis

    4. Colony Stimulating Factors in Nonhematopoietic Cells

      1. H. Depenbrock, J. Trijssenaar, D. Neukam, H.-J. Meyer, M. Freund, H. Poliwoda et al.
        Pages 173-180
      2. D. Nachbaur, H. Denz, H. Zwierzina, F. Schmalzl, H. Huber
        Pages 181-187
      3. M. Joraschkewitz, J. Trijssenaar, M. Freund, D. Neukam, D. Krumwieh, H.-J. Meyer et al.
        Pages 189-195
    5. Tumor Necrosis Factor and Interferon γ

      1. C. Buck, A. Wawer, W. Mach, W. Digel, A. M. Otto, H. Schönenberger et al.
        Pages 205-210
      2. R. Foa, M. Massaia, A. Gillio Tos, S. Cardona, A. Guarini, A. Bianchi et al.
        Pages 217-221
    6. Interleukin-2

      1. R. E. Schmidt, W. Kolanus, J. Schubert
        Pages 223-226
      2. C. A. Keever, M. V. Gazzola, K. Pekle, J. H. Bourhis, A. Gillio
        Pages 227-236
      3. W. Kolanus, J. Becker, R. E. Schmidt
        Pages 237-243
      4. H. Tesch, T. Herrman, H. Abts, T. Diamantstein, S. Klein, M. Schaadt et al.
        Pages 245-252
      5. F. Bernaudin, F. Beaujean, M. Kuentz, S. Lemerle, F. Lelong, P. Reinert et al.
        Pages 253-262
      6. R. Foa, M. T. Fierro, A. Gillio Tos, S. Cardona, A. Guarini, P. Caretto et al.
        Pages 271-276
  4. Other Effects and Factors

About these proceedings


The clinical and experimental effects of cytokines have been realized for a long time. The clinical effects of tumor necrosis factor were noted almost 100 years ago. The basic biological effects of interferons and the hemopoietic growth factors have been known for more than 20 years. Given the basis of modern molecular biotechniques, information concern­ ing the mediators of cellular interactions is expanding almost exponentially. New principles in the regulation of cell growth, microenvironment, immune response, and malignancy are being discoverd right now. New therapeutic options are becoming available and have, in some areas, already crossed the threshold of clinical application. However, the way forward might be more complicated than we are in a position to recognize today. Some of the first optimistic expectations have not yet been fulfilled. Nevertheless, we are experiencing a revolution in medicine. To contribute to this process and to stimulate scientific communi­ in this field, we have initiated the international symposia on cytokines cation in hemopoiesis, oncology and aids. Major contributions from the first sym­ posium are published in this book. We thank all the authors for their contri­ butions, particularly those from the Hannover Medical School, who have worked hard to realize the congress and prepare these proceedings. We also thank the pharmaceutical companies whose support made this book possible. Finally we thank Professors Deicher, Poliwoda, and Riehm, heads of the Departments of Hematology and Oncology, Immunology, and Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, respectively, who encouraged us and gave us their firm support.


AIDS Carcinom Cytokine Hemopoietic Growth Factor Interferon Interleukin 2 TNF Tumor-Nekrose-Faktor

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