Investigative Urology 3

  • Herbert Rübben
  • Dieter Jocham
  • Günther H. Jacobi
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. Renal Cancer

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. B. J. Schmitz-Dräger, D. Rohde, H. Frenzel, R. Ackermann
      Pages 3-7
    3. M. Harasim, E. Loer, M. Wirth, B. Maurer-Schultze
      Pages 17-24
    4. W. Heckl, K. Becker, U. Wacker, B. Halliger
      Pages 25-29
    5. A. J. M. C. Beniers, R. J. A. Van Moorselaar, W. P. Peelen, B. T. Hendriks, U. Otto, J. A. Schalken et al.
      Pages 30-38
    6. J. Schüller, J. Pensel, A. J. A. Terzis, M. Florek, M. Steinmetz, S. Thomas et al.
      Pages 39-43
  3. Andrology and Testicular Cancer

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 45-45
    2. T. Strittmatter, G. Konrad
      Pages 47-52
    3. C. Persson-Jünemann, W. Diederichs, T. F. Lue
      Pages 53-59
    4. H. van Ahlen, G. J. Molderings, H. Porst, M. Göthert
      Pages 67-71
    5. T. Stein, S. Krege, G. Heimann, H. Rübben
      Pages 72-77
  4. BPH-Prostate Cancer

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 79-79
    2. P. G. Fabricius, F. Rommel, F. Sinowatz, V. Permanetter, C. Hammer
      Pages 81-86
    3. T. Jungblut, G. Aumüller, B. Malek, H. Melchior
      Pages 87-95
  5. Bladder Cancer

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 105-105
    2. M. Stöckle, H. J. Tanke, G. Voges, H. Riedmiller, R. Hohenfellner
      Pages 107-114
    3. K. Wilgenbus, R. Knüchel, F. Brümmer, O. Traub, F. Hofstädter
      Pages 120-124
    4. S. Handt, R. Büttner, R. Knüchel, H. Rübben, F. Hofstädter, C. Wagener
      Pages 125-128
    5. W. Kropp, M.-L. Mlynek, G. Cevc, R. Hartung
      Pages 143-145
    6. K. Miller, B. Bartos, A. Rück, E. Schmidt, R. Steiner, R. Hautmann
      Pages 153-155
    7. F. Recker, S. Markos-Pustai, W. Küpper, H. Rübben
      Pages 161-165
    8. N. Fischer, F.-J. Deutz, N. Meyers, H. Rübben
      Pages 166-168
  6. Urodynamics

  7. Kidney Trauma, Pathophysiology, Urolithiasis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 189-189
    2. R. A. Zink, M. Weber, M. Weiss, P. Müsseler, W. Brendel, F. Schueler
      Pages 191-196
    3. M. Kallerhoff, M. Blech, G. Kehrer, M. Langheinrich, U. Helmchen, H. J. Bretschneider et al.
      Pages 197-208
    4. T. Sugimoto, H. Osswald, T. Kishimoto, K. Yamamoto, T. Kanazawa, H. Rübben et al.
      Pages 216-219
    5. W. L. Strohmaier, K.-H. Bichler, H. J. Nelde
      Pages 220-225
    6. B. Gertz, A. Classen, A. Hesse
      Pages 229-231
    7. K. Yamamoto, T. Kishimoto, H. Iimori, M. Senjyu, T. Sugimoto, H. Ochi et al.
      Pages 243-248
    8. D. M. Wilbert, W. L. Strohmaier, S. H. Flüchter, K.-H. Bichler
      Pages 249-253
    9. D. M. Wilbert, O. Schofer, H. Riedmiller
      Pages 258-261
    10. S. Thomas, R. Engelhardt, W. Meyer, J. Pensel
      Pages 262-270

About these proceedings


The first symposium of the working group on experimental urology of the German Society of Urology was held in Cologne in 1972. It was meant to be a platform to present and, in particular, to discuss experimental studies developing new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, and to promote in­ novation in urology in Germany. This plan was well received, and during the last 16 years both the number of participants from other European and overseas countries and the number and quality of presentations have been continuously increasing. At the most recent meeting, held in Aachen in 1988, new data were presented on renal cell cancer, andrology, prostatic cancer and adenoma, bladder cancer, urinary diversion, urodynamics, renal pathophysiology, transplantation and the pathogenesis and treatment of urolithiasis. The present book contains 44 of the 109 papers given at the Aachen meeting, covering both basic and clinical research. It will be of eminent interest to all scientifically minded urologists, oncologists, neurophysiolo­ gists, endocrinologists, and pathologists because it is a synopsis of all the major scientific research currently being conducted in urology in Europe. There are no other books available which offer as comprehensive a cover­ age of recent experimental issues in urology. The aim of the series Inves­ tigative Urology is to demonstrate the continuous development of research in urology and to encourage all colleagues interested in experimental urol­ ogy to continue their important activities and create new international co­ operation.


cancer cell pathophysiology transplantation urology

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  • Herbert Rübben
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  • Dieter Jocham
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  • Günther H. Jacobi
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  2. 2.Urologische Klinik und Poliklinik Klinikum GroßhadernLudwig-Maximilian-Universität MünchenMünchen 80Germany
  3. 3.Urologische FachpraxisDuisburg 18Germany

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