Molecular Biology of Neuroreceptors and Ion Channels

  • Alfred Maelicke
Conference proceedings

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 32)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXI
  2. Introduction

  3. Molecular Biology of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

    1. Steve Heinemann, Jim Boulter, Evan Deneris, John Connolly, Paul Gardner, Etsuko Wada et al.
      Pages 13-30
    2. Sabine Couturier, Patrick Nef, Carole Oneyser, Marc Ballivet
      Pages 31-36
    3. Ralf Schoepfer, Paul Whiting, Mike Luther, Kent Keyser, Harvey Karten, Jon Lindstrom
      Pages 37-53
    4. H. Breer, W. Hanke, D. Benke, E. Tareilus, J. Krieger
      Pages 55-68
    5. Eckart D. Gundelfinger, Irm Hermans-Borgmeyer, Patrick Schloß, Erich Sawruk, Conny Udri, Martin Vingron et al.
      Pages 69-81
  4. Molecular Biology of Aminoacid Receptors

    1. Mark G. Darlison, Eric A. Barnard, Alan N. Bateson, Thora A. Glencorse, Robert J. Harvey, Andrew A. Hicks et al.
      Pages 83-99
    2. P. Malherbe, J. G. Richards, J. M. Séquier, S. Mathews, A. Draguhn, H. Möhler
      Pages 101-117
    3. W. Sieghart, K. Fuchs
      Pages 119-124
    4. Dieter Langosch, Gabriele Grenningloh, Volker Schmieden, Peter Prior, Maria-Luisa Malosio, Bertram Schmitt et al.
      Pages 125-130
    5. Cord-Michael Becker, Werner Hoch
      Pages 139-148
    6. Dolan B. Pritchett, Alfred Bach, Omar Taleb, Roberto Dal Toso, Peter H. Seeburg
      Pages 163-173
  5. Molecular Biology of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels

    1. Kate Loughney, Michael Stern, Robert Kreber, Barry Ganetzky
      Pages 201-214
    2. T. L. Schwarz, R. Carretto, D. Papazian, B. Tempel, L. Timpe, Y.-N. Jan et al.
      Pages 215-229
    3. A. Baumann, I. Krah-Jentgens, R. Müller, F. Müller-Holtkamp, I. Canal, J. Galceran et al.
      Pages 231-243
  6. Molecular Biology of Other Neuroreceptors and Ion Channels

    1. L. Emorine, S. Marullo, M.-M. Sutren, C. Delavier, Y. Eshdat, G. Raposo et al.
      Pages 245-257
    2. Olivier Civelli, James Bunzow, Hubert van Tol, David Grandy, Paul Albert, John Salon et al.
      Pages 259-267
    3. Shigetada Nakanishi, Hiroaki Ohkubo, Yasuo Masu, Toru Takumi, Hiromi Tamaki, Yoshifumi Yokota
      Pages 269-277
    4. Marianne Wright, Jan O. Gordeladze, Anders Høgset, Peter Alestrøm, K. M. Gautvik
      Pages 279-282
  7. Structure-Function Relationships of Ion Channel Proteins

    1. Bianca M. Conti-Tronconi, Gregor Fels, Katya McLane, Fen Tang, Matteo Bellone, Anna Kokla et al.
      Pages 291-309
    2. F. Hucho, R. Hilgenfeld, G. Bandini, S. Jaweed
      Pages 311-320
    3. Alfred Maelicke, Rita Plümer-Wilk, Gregor Fels, Sandra R. Spencer, Martin Engelhard, Detlef Veltel et al.
      Pages 321-326
    4. J. M. Gershoni, A. Aronheim, R. Mosckovitz, B. Ohana, I. Rusu
      Pages 345-352
    5. Alfred Maelicke, Gregor Fels, Bianca M. Conti-Tronconi
      Pages 353-359
    6. S. Tzartos, I. Papadouli, S. Potamianos, I. Hadjidakis, H. Bairaktari, V. Tsikaris et al.
      Pages 361-371
    7. Anat Safran, Carlo Provenzano, Ronit Sagi-Eisenberg, Sara Fuchs
      Pages 373-380
    8. N. S. Kosower, E. M. Kosower, A. E. Radkowsky, J. Zipser
      Pages 381-391
    9. Günther Boheim, Inge Helbig, Sabine Meder, Brigitte Franz, Günther Jung
      Pages 401-412
  8. Gene Expression, Gene Regulation and Development

    1. Toni Claudio, Deborah S. Hartman, William N. Green, Anthony F. Ross, Henry L. Paulson, Deborah Hayden
      Pages 469-480
    2. Jean-Pierre Changeux, Jean Cartaud, Anne Devillers-Thiéry, Bertrand Fontaine, Hoang Nghiêm, André Klarsfeld et al.
      Pages 481-507
    3. Andres Buonanno, Lucia Casabo, Jon Kornhauser, C. Michael Crowder, John P. Merlie
      Pages 541-552
    4. Vesna A. Eterovic, Richard M. Hann, P. A. Ferchmin, Gladys Escalona de Motta, Jose del Castillo, Jose A. Prieto et al.
      Pages 565-584
    5. F. van Huizen, C. Shaw, A. D. Strosberg, M. S. Cynader
      Pages 585-593
    6. Christopher Shaw, Frans van Huizen, Max S. Cynader, Michael Wilkinson
      Pages 595-617
    7. Z. Vogel, S. Y. Nah, B. Attali
      Pages 619-631

About these proceedings


This workshop was the second of this series held on the island of santorini in the Cycladic Sea. The first one ("Mechanism of Action of the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor", NATO ASI Se­ ries H, vol. 10) took place in May 1986 and focused on what was at the time the best studied of all neuroreceptors. This second one, held only two years later, demonstrates the im­ mense progress achieved since then in the field of neurorecep­ tors and ion channels. Molecular cloning techniques have now made available the primary structures of a whole array of ion channel proteins, and this in turn has shed light on some gen­ eral principles of the structure-function relationships of these central elements of intercellular communication. The purpose of this workshop was to explore the common ele­ ments in gene and protein structure of already cloned ion channel proteins, and to assess the status of other cloning projects in progress. It explicitly focused on very recently published and unpublished results. All participants kept to these goals thereby demonstrating the very value of such work­ shops for the progress of science.


Energy Transduction Ion Channels Ionenkanäle Membranen Membranes Neuroreceptors Neurorezeptoren Receptors Reizleitung Rezeptoren primary structure proteins

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