Mechanisms in B-Cell Neoplasia 1988

Workshop at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA, March 23–25, 1988

  • Michael Potter
  • Fritz Melchers
Conference proceedings

Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 141)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIV
  2. Pathogenetic Mechanisms

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Early B Cell Tumors

      1. R. A. Phillips, D.-D. Wu, G. M. Fulop
        Pages 11-15
      2. G. Lee, A. E. Namen, S. Gillis, P. W. Kincade
        Pages 16-18
      3. K. L. Holmes, J. S. Lee, H. C. Morse III
        Pages 19-26
      4. W. Y. Langdon, J. W. Hartley, S. P. Klinken, S. K. Ruscetti, H. C. Morse III
        Pages 27-30
      5. M. Principato, S. P. Klinken, J. L. Cleveland, U. R. Rapp, K. L. Holmes, J. H. Pierce et al.
        Pages 31-41
      6. E. H. Humphries, C. Frisch Barth, E. Pizer
        Pages 58-66
      7. P. E. Neiman, E. B. Gehly, L. M. Carlson, R. C. Cotter, C. B. Thompson
        Pages 67-74
      8. F. G. Haluska, G. Russo, M. Andreeff, C. M. Croce
        Pages 75-79
    3. B Cell and Plasma Cell Tumors

      1. A. W. Harris, W. Y. Langdon, W. S. Alexander, I. K. Hariharan, H. Rosenbaum, D. Vaux et al.
        Pages 82-93
      2. C. L. Sidman, J. D. Marshall, A. W. Harris
        Pages 94-99
      3. R. Dildrop, K. Zimmerman, R. A. DePinho, G. D. Yancopoulos, A. Tesfaye, F. W. Alt
        Pages 100-109
      4. J. Troppmair, M. Huleihel, J. Cleveland, J. F. Mushinski, J. Kurie, H. C. Morse III et al.
        Pages 110-114
      5. R. Clynes, L. W. Stanton, J. Wax, S. Smith-Gill, M. Potter, K. B. Marcu
        Pages 115-124
      6. B. Mock, J. Wax, R. Clynes, K. B. Marcu, M. Potter
        Pages 125-127
      7. J. Gordon, M. J. Millsum, M. Finney, J. A. Cairns, G. R. Guy, C. D. Gregory et al.
        Pages 149-156
      8. S. L. Swendeman, D. Thorley-Lawson
        Pages 157-164
      9. K. Nilsson, A. Björkland, M. Carlsson, L.-G. Larsson, K. Funa, T. Tötterman
        Pages 172-180
      10. J. Van Snick, A. Vink, C. Uyttenhove, F. Houssiau, P. Coulie
        Pages 181-184
  3. Studies of B Cell Relevant Oncogenes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 185-185
    2. c-myc

      1. G. I. Evan, J. P. Moore, J. M. Ibson, C. M. Waters, D. C. Hancock, T. D. Littlewood
        Pages 189-201
      2. M. Henriksson, M. Classon, M.-L. Hammarskjöld, G. Klein, J. Sumegi
        Pages 202-207
      3. M. Dean, J. Cleveland, H.-Y. Kim, J. Campisi, R. A. Levine, J. N. Ihle et al.
        Pages 216-222
      4. A. J. Buckler, D. J. Kessler, M. P. Duyao, T. L. Rothstein, G. E. Sonenshein
        Pages 238-246
      5. M. Zajac-Kaye, M. Avigan, M. Takimoto, S. Pittaluga, J. Quinn, E. Gelmann et al.
        Pages 247-252
      6. K. B. Marcu, C. Asselin, A. Nepveu, G. Weisinger, J. Q. Yang
        Pages 253-263
      7. G. Krystal, J. Way, J. Battey
        Pages 274-281
      8. S. Seremetis, G. Inghirami, D. Ferrero, L. Lombardi, D. M. Knowlest, G.-P. Dotto et al.
        Pages 290-297
    3. c-abl

    4. c-myb

      1. W. M. Kuehl, T. P. Bender, J. Stafford, D. McClinton, S. Segal, E. Dmitrovsky
        Pages 318-323
      2. T. P. Bender, K. M. Catron, W. M. Kuehl, C. B. Thompson
        Pages 324-329
    5. bcl-2

      1. J. F. Mushinski, J. D. Mountz, J. H. Pierce, J. G. Pumphrey, R. M. Skurla Jr., F. D. Finkelman et al.
        Pages 332-336

About these proceedings


The papers in this book were presented at the 6th Workshop on Mechanisms in B-Cell Neoplasia, held in Bethesda, March 23-25, 1988. On alternate years this meeting is sponsored by the . ;. Basel Institute of Immunology in Basel, Switzerland and by the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, and is attended by 100 to 150 parti­ cipants. This 6th workshop, like the preceding five, was characterized by intense and enthusiastic discussion which reflects, we think, the exciting growth and development of this field. It is quite clear, however, that despite many general advances an understanding of the precise underlying mechanisms in B-cell tumor development is not yet defined. Probably, there is no single mechanism for all the various forms of B-cell neo­ plastic development. Many different forms of B-cell neoplasms are known, and these are distinguished by several characteristics: 1) the stage of development attained by the tumor stem cells; 2) mode of growth (slow or fast); 3) association with natural or inductive etiologic agents and 4) specific and consistent mutational mechanisms such as retroviral insertion, chromosomal rearrangement. Those charac­ teristic forms which arise naturally in relatively high frequency or those tumors with hallmark properties which can be induced consistently are the models most frequently studied, e. g. , endemic Burkitt's lymphoma, follicular lymphoma, acute and chronic lymphocytic leukemia and mUltiple myeloma in man; bursal lymphoma in chickens; Abelson virus induced pre B cell lymphomas and plasmacytomas in mice and immunocytomas in rats. Each model system, has special problems and advantages.


cell leukemia lymphoma mutation tumor virus

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  2. 2.Basel Institute for ImmunologyBaselSwitzerland

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