Plant Cell Biotechnology

  • M. Salomé S. Pais
  • F. Mavituna
  • J. M. Novais

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 18)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XX
  2. F. Mavituna
    Pages 1-14
  3. John D. Hamill, Edward C. Cocking
    Pages 21-41
  4. B. V. Conger, R. N. Trigiano, D. J. Gray
    Pages 49-61
  5. Silvana Castelli, Lucia A. Manzocchi, Giuseppe Torti
    Pages 63-67
  6. A. M. Vázquez, M. Candela, J. Espino, J. Rueda, M. L. Ruiz, M. I. Peláez
    Pages 69-73
  7. Larry Fowke, Inger Hakman
    Pages 75-80
  8. Guillermo Garcia-Reina, Rafael R. Romero, Angel Luque
    Pages 81-86
  9. J. H. Weil
    Pages 97-113
  10. Ricardo J. Ordás, Roberto Rodriguez, Belen Fernández, Ricardo Sanchez
    Pages 135-142
  11. Angel Luque, Rafael Robaina, Guillerma Garcia-Reina
    Pages 143-148
  12. Larry C. Fowke, Michael A. Tanchak
    Pages 153-163
  13. Michael W. Fowler, Alan H. Scragg
    Pages 165-177
  14. W. Barz, S. Daniel, W. Hinderer, U. Jaques, H. Kessmann, J. Köster et al.
    Pages 211-230
  15. B. Upmeier, S. Köster, C. Otto, W. Barz
    Pages 239-244
  16. Jeffrey Lang, Robert Hamilton, Henrik Pedersen, Chee-Kok Chin
    Pages 245-249
  17. J. Stöckigt, H. Schübel
    Pages 251-264
  18. M. Caruso, L. Crespi-Perellino, L. Garofano, A. Guicciardi
    Pages 271-274
  19. Alfons Callebaut, Jean-Claude Motte, Michel Hoenig, Willy De Cat, Hervé Baeten
    Pages 285-289
  20. R. Wijnsma, R. Verpoorte, P. A. A. Harkes, F. van Iren, H. J. G. ten Hoopen
    Pages 297-303
  21. Amélia P. Rauter, Maria S. Pais, Christina Duarte, Ana Ana Eusébio, Lígia Pinto, Christina Simões et al.
    Pages 305-311
  22. A. Pareilleux
    Pages 313-328
  23. M. L. Shuler
    Pages 329-342
  24. E. Lima-Costa, J. M. Novais, M. S. Pais, J. M. S. Cabral
    Pages 343-351
  25. Júlio M. Novais
    Pages 353-363
  26. M. G. Esquível, M. M. R. Fonseca, J. M. Novais, J. M. S. Cabral, M. S. S. Pais
    Pages 379-387
  27. M. M. R. Fonseca, F. Mavituna, P. Brodelius
    Pages 389-401
  28. Annie Bariaud-Fontanel, Marc Julien, Pierre Coutos-Thevenot, Spencer Brown, Didier Courtois, Vincent Petiard
    Pages 403-419
  29. Johannes P. F. G. Helsper, David H. Ketel, Anne C. Hulst, Hans Breteler
    Pages 421-424
  30. John D. Hamill, Adrian J. Parr, Cathie Martin, Nick J. Walton, Richard Robins, Mike J. C. Rhodes
    Pages 425-429
  31. Erica E. Benson, Lyndsey A. Withers
    Pages 431-443
  32. E. John Staba
    Pages 445-459
  33. Toshihiro Yoshioka, Yasuhiro Fujita
    Pages 475-482
  34. Shelagh K. Wheelans, Lyndsey A. Withers
    Pages 497-500
  35. Back Matter
    Pages 501-501

About this book


A number of interdisciplinary fields related to Plant Cell Biotechnology are discussed. The two main directions are: Plant cell culture in agricultural applications for the improvement of crops and industrial applications in the production of secondary metabolites. A number of areas such as physiological and biochemical aspects of autotrophic cells, gene characterization in higher plants, transformation of plant cells, genetic stability in plant cell cultures, somatic hybridization and somatic embryogenesis are treated. Recent knowledge on somaclonal and gametoclonal variation as well as on the obtainment of protoplasts and their use for the isolation and culture of heterocaryons as tools for plant breeding are considered. Furthermore, the knowledge on biomass production in fermentor conditions and the role of immobilization for increased production and scale-up of plant cells are discussed.


Embryo Gramineae IAA Poaceae biotechnology cloning fungi genetic modification growth metabolism plant plant breeding plants transcription translation

Editors and affiliations

  • M. Salomé S. Pais
    • 1
  • F. Mavituna
    • 2
  • J. M. Novais
    • 3
  1. 1.Departamento de Biologia VegetalFaculdade de Ciências de LisboaLisboa CodexPortugal
  2. 2.Chemical Engineering DepartmentUMISTManchesterUK
  3. 3.Laboratorio de Engenharia BioquimicaInstituto Superior Tecnico Av. Rovisco PaisLisboaPortugal

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