Recognition in Microbe-Plant Symbiotic and Pathogenic Interactions

  • Ben Lugtenberg
Conference proceedings

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. Recognition in Nodulation by Rhizobium

    1. Sharon R. Long, N. Kent Peters, John T. Mulligan, Mark E. Dudley, Robert F. Fisher
      Pages 1-15
    2. F. Debellé, S. B. Sharma, C. Rosenberg, J. Vasse, F. Maillet, G. Truchet et al.
      Pages 17-28
    3. A. Pühler, M. F. Hynes, D. Kapp, P. Müller, K. Niehaus
      Pages 29-37
    4. B. G. Rolfe, J. W. Redmond, M. Batley, H. Chen, S. P. Djordjevic, R. W. Ridge et al.
      Pages 39-54
    5. Herman P. Spaink, Robert J. H. Okker, Carel A. Wijffelman, Elly Pees, Ben Lugtenberg
      Pages 55-68
    6. S. L. A. Hobbs, C. M. O. DeLong, S. Denes, V. N. Iyer
      Pages 69-78
    7. Joseph W. Lamb, Brigitte Regensburger, Hans-Martin Fisher, Michael Göttfert, Linda Meyer, Sabine Ebeling et al.
      Pages 79-86
    8. Gary Stacey, Larry J. Halverson, Tony Nieuwkoop, Zsofia Banfalvi, Maria G. Schell, David Gerhold et al.
      Pages 87-99
    9. J. W. Kijne, G. Smit, C. L. Díaz, B. J. J. Lugtenberg
      Pages 101-111
    10. Päivi Lipsanen, Kristina Lindström
      Pages 113-114
    11. John W. Redmond, Michael Batley, Roger W. Innes, Peter L. Kuempel, Michael A. Djordjevic, Barry G. Rolfe
      Pages 115-121
    12. Carel Wijffelman, Bas Zaat, Herman Spaink, Ine Mulders, Ton van Brussel, Rob Okker et al.
      Pages 123-135
    13. N. J. Brewin, D. J. Bradley, E. A. Wood, G. Galfre, G. W. Butcher
      Pages 153-161
    14. Ton Bisseling, Henk Franssen, Ton Gloudemans, Francine Govers, Marja Moerman, Jan-Peter Nap et al.
      Pages 163-169
  3. Recognition in Pathogen — Plant Interaction

    1. N. T. Keen
      Pages 171-188
    2. Mark J. J. van Haaren, Jack T. Pronk, Rob A. Schilperoort, Paul J. J. Hooykaas
      Pages 203-214
    3. Jos Vanderleyden, Claire Vieille, Kris Michiels, Giorgio Matassi, August Van Gool, Claudine Elmerich
      Pages 215-218
    4. Timo K. Korhonen, Kielo Haahtela, Martin Romantschuk, Dennis H. Bamford
      Pages 229-241
    5. P. F. S. Street, P. M. Rowell, D. N. Crucefix, F. Didehvar, J. W. Mansfield
      Pages 243-251
    6. P. Bonfante-Fasolo, C. Marzachi’, B. Testa
      Pages 283-286
  4. Recognition in Plant Defence

    1. Peter Albersheim, Alan G. Darvill, Janice K. Sharp, Keith R. Davis, Steven H. Doares
      Pages 297-309
    2. K. Hahlbrock, B. Cuypers, C. Douglas, K. H. Fritzemeier, H. Hoffmann, F. Rohwer et al.
      Pages 311-323
    3. Dierk Scheel, Karl Dietrich Hauffe, Willi Jahnen, Klaus Hahlbrock
      Pages 325-331
    4. Christopher J. Lamb, David R. Corbin, Michael A. Lawton, Norbert Sauer, Vincent P. M. Wingate
      Pages 333-344
    5. Jürgen Ebel, Hans Grisebach, Anne Bonhoff, Dorit Grab, Christina Hoffmann, Georg Kochs et al.
      Pages 345-361
    6. U. Eilert, V. DeLuca, F. Constabel, W. G. W. Kurz
      Pages 363-366
  5. Recognition in Biological Crop Pest Control

    1. T. L. Graham, L. S. Watrud, F. J. Perlak, M. T. Tran, P. B. Lavrick, M. A. Miller-Wideman et al.
      Pages 385-393
    2. Bob Schippers, Peter A. H. M. Bakker, Albert W. Bakker, Gerard A. J. M. van der Hofstad, Joey D. Marugg, Letty A. de Weger et al.
      Pages 395-404
    3. Gerard A. J. M. van der Hofstad, Joey D. Marugg, Henk B. Nielander, Ingrid van Megen, Ans M. M. van Pelt, Kees Recourt et al.
      Pages 405-408
    4. Letty A. de Weger, Lia van der Vlugt, Peter A. H. M. Bakker, Bob Schippers, Ben Lugtenberg
      Pages 409-412
  6. Recommendations for Future Research and Applications

    1. Sharon R. Long
      Pages 423-425
    2. R. A. Schilperoort
      Pages 431-432
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 441-451

About these proceedings


This volume comprises the lectures of the speakers at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop held at the Congress Centre The Flevohof at Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands, May 11-16, 1986. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together experts in symbiosis, plant pathology and plant molecular biology in order to discuss recent progress in the field of microbe -plant re­ cognition at the molecular level, to promote integration of various disciplines, and to define recommendations for future research and applications. Plants have developed a variety of sophisticated defence mechanisms to cope with an environment in which many different microbes live. Most microbes which colonize plant tissues are harmless. Some microbes have developed ways to attack plants successfully, resulting in enormous losses of crop yields. Other microbes have reached an agreement with the host plant which is beneficial for both: these microbes live in symbiosis with the plant and provide their host plant for example with substantial amounts of atmospheric nitrogen. Chemical protection of crops is a necessity in modern crop management but this treatment has some negative effects as well. Therefore scientists are looking for alternative, biological, ways to control crop pests. Against this background specialists from eleven countries discussed the results of their most recent work on the molecular background of microbe -plant interactions. It appeared that, in order to capitalize the recent rapid progress made in the mole­ cular genetical studies on Rhizobium-legume and pathogen-host plant interactions, a multidisciplinary approach is required.


Pathogen biology crop pests microbe molecular biology nitrogen plant plant pathology plants tissue

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