Mechanisms in B-Cell Neoplasia

Workshop at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD,USA,March 24–26,1986

  • Fritz Melchers
  • Michael Potter
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Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 132)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. B-cell Tumors in Transgenic Mice Carrying c-myc Sequences

    1. Jerry M. Adams, Alan W. Harris, Wallace Y. Langdon, Carl A. Pinkert, Ralph L. Brinster, Richard D. Palmiter et al.
      Pages 1-8
  3. Induction of B-cell Tumors with Retroviral Constructs Containing Oncogenes

    1. H. C. Morse III, J. W. Hartley, T. N. Fredrickson, R. A. Yetter, J. L. Cleveland, C. Majumdar et al.
      Pages 17-22
    2. Linda Wolff, J. Frederic Mushinski, Eli Gilboa, Herbert C. Morse III
      Pages 33-39
    3. J. L. Cleveland, Y. Weinstein, J. N. Ihle, D. S. Askew, U. R. Rapp
      Pages 44-54
  4. Induction of B-cell and Other Tumors in Vitro

    1. J. H. Pierce, A. Gazit, P. P. Di Fiore, M. Kraus, C. Y. Pennington, K. L. Holmes et al.
      Pages 55-61
    2. Patrick L. Green, Gina D. Holland, Donal Kaehler, John McKearn, James McCubrey, Rex Risser
      Pages 62-74
    3. Richard C. Schwartz, Lawrence W. Stanton, Kenneth B. Marcu, Owen N. Witte
      Pages 75-80
    4. Yinon Ben-Neriah, David Baltimore
      Pages 81-89
    5. E. Arman, N. Katzir, G. Rechavi, D. Givol
      Pages 90-97
  5. B-Lymphocyte/Plasma Cell Growth Factors, Receptors

    1. Waldemar Lernhardt, William C. Raschke, Fritz Melchers
      Pages 98-104
    2. P. M. Lansdorp, L. A. Aarden, J. Calafat, W. P. Zeiljemaker
      Pages 105-113
    3. R. P. Nordan, L. M. Neckers, S. Rudikoff, M. Potter
      Pages 114-120
    4. Robert L. Coffman
      Pages 127-132
    5. Anne O’Garra, David J. Warren, Colin J. Sanderson, Anthony I. Magee, Gerry G. B. Klaus
      Pages 133-141
    6. Gail Abendroth Bishop, Geoffrey Haughton
      Pages 142-145
    7. L. M. Neckers, R. Nordan, S. Bauer, M. Potter
      Pages 146-147
    8. L. M. Neekers, R. Nordan, S. Bauer, M. Potter
      Pages 148-152
  6. Chromosome Translocations, Breaks

    1. I. R. Kirsch, C. T. Denny, G. F. Hollis
      Pages 159-161
    2. Warren S. Pear, Gunilla Wahlström, Stanley F. Nelson, Sigurdur Ingvarsson, Hervé Bazin, George Klein et al.
      Pages 169-174
    3. Jan Erikson, Carlo M. Croce
      Pages 175-182
    4. Y. Tsujimoto, C. M. Croce
      Pages 183-192
    5. K. K. Sanford, R. Parshad, M. Potter, G. M. Jones, R. P. Nordan, S. E. Brust et al.
      Pages 202-208
  7. Biology of B Cell Tumor Development

    1. Craig B. Thompson, Peter B. Challoner, Paul E. Neiman
      Pages 209-214
    2. Eric H. Humphries, Timothy W. Baba
      Pages 215-220
    3. J. Radl
      Pages 221-224
    4. G. F. Hollis, A. F. Gazdar, I. R. Kirsch
      Pages 225-226
    5. P. J. Enrietto
      Pages 231-236
  8. EBV-Virus, Burkitt’s Lymphoma

    1. M. S. C. Cheah, T. J. Ley, S. R. Tronick, K. C. Robbins
      Pages 237-245
    2. H. Kubagawa, P. D. Burrows, C. E. Grossi, M. D. Cooper
      Pages 246-250
    3. P. Åman, N. Lewin, N. Nordström, G. Klein
      Pages 266-271
  9. Regulation of c-myc Expression

    1. Rolf I. Ohlsson, Susan Pfeifer-Ohlsson
      Pages 272-279
    2. K. Nilsson, L.-G. Larsson, M. Carlsson, A. Danersund, K. Forsbeck, L. Hellman et al.
      Pages 280-289
    3. Erlend B. Smeland, Tore Godal, Klaus Beiske, Rosemary Watt, Susan Pfeifer-Ohlsson, Rolf Ohlsson
      Pages 290-296
    4. R. A. Levine, J. E. McCormack, A. Buckler, G. E. Sonenshein
      Pages 305-312
    5. W. Ran, M. Dean, R. A. Levine, J. Campisi
      Pages 313-319
    6. M. Zerlin, M. A. Julius, C. Cerni, K. B. Marcu
      Pages 320-326
    7. E. Dmitrovsky, W. M. Kuehl, G. F. Hollis, I. R. Kirsch, T. P. Bender, S. Segal
      Pages 327-330
  10. Myc Transcription, Post Transcription

    1. M. Piechaczyk, A. Bonnieu, D. Eick, E. Remmers, J-Q. Yang, K. Marcu et al.
      Pages 331-338

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