Receptor-Mediated Uptake in the Liver

  • Heiner Greten
  • Eberhard Windler
  • Ulrike Beisiegel
Conference proceedings

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  2. W. J. Schneider
    Pages 6-8
  3. B. Horsthemke, Anna M. Kessling, R. Williamson, St. E. Humphries
    Pages 15-19
  4. G. Renaud, Jacqueline Marais, R. Infante
    Pages 20-27
  5. Theo. J. C. van Berkel, J. Kar Kruijt, J. Fred Nagelkerke, Leen Harkes
    Pages 33-37
  6. E. Jensen, C.-H. Florén, Åke Nilsson
    Pages 38-44
  7. S. Goldstein, M. Rouis, D. Erlich, M. Berthelier, C. Cherier, P. Thomopoulos
    Pages 52-55
  8. M. Kano, J. Koizumi, A. Jadhav, G. R. Thompson
    Pages 66-68
  9. L. Havekes, E. de Wit, H. Princen
    Pages 69-73
  10. J. Shepherd, C. J. Packard, S. A. W. Gibson
    Pages 87-90
  11. C. J. Packard, A. Munro, R. J. Clegg, R. James, D. Pometta, J. Shepherd
    Pages 97-99
  12. A. K. Walli, D. Seidel
    Pages 100-107
  13. F. M. Maggi, S. Marcovina, E. Trezzi, G. Maione, A. L. Catapano
    Pages 120-124
  14. R. L. Hamilton, R. J. Havel, C. A. Hornick, E. Jost-Vu, J. Belcher, E. Spaziani et al.
    Pages 125-133
  15. H. Shelton Earp, Joyce Blaisdell, R. A. Rubin, Qixiong Lin
    Pages 137-144
  16. Jean-Louis Carpentier, Phillip Gorden, Lelio Orci
    Pages 145-153
  17. A. M. Weissman, K. K. Rao, T. Rouault, R. D. Klausner, J. B. Harford
    Pages 154-162
  18. Helge Tolleshaug, Rune Blomhoff, Heidi K. Blomhoff, Trond Berg, Terje B. Christensen
    Pages 163-167
  19. H.-P. Buscher, G. Fricker, W. Gerok, W. Kramer, G. Kurz, M. Müller et al.
    Pages 189-199
  20. W. Stremmel, R. Hödtke, P. D. Berk, G. Strohmeyer
    Pages 200-204
  21. Rune Blomhoff, Kaare R. Norum, Trond Berg
    Pages 205-209
  22. Clifford J. Steer, G. Gary Sahagian
    Pages 210-223

About these proceedings


Cell surface receptors are multifunctional proteins with binding sites towards the external environment and effector sites which mediate intracellular events. The purpose of this symposium was to bring together investigators who have a com­ mon interest in those receptors which are located in the liver, and who have studied endocytic mechanisms for various macromolecules like insulin, lipoproteins, epi­ dermal growth factor and others. Experiments in this particular field of research date back to the early 60-ies but have only recently led to new and important in­ sight in the molecular basis of receptor mediated uptake in the liver. The structural features which control these mechanisms are currently under intense investigation in many laboratories. Though this symposium largely emphasizes lipoprotein up­ take and catabolism by the liver, it was the particular intention of the organizers to discuss methodology and results with investigators who are also interested in he­ patic uptake of macromolecules. This might then eventually lead to new and com­ mon concepts for both receptor-ligand interaction and internalization processes in the liver. Biochemists, pathologists and gastroenterologists met for two and a half days and discussed their latest data in this so rapidly developing field of basic rese­ arch. This conference is part of a series on current topics in gastroenterology and hepatology arranged regularly by the Departments of Medicine and Surgery at the University Hospital Eppendorf. If is our hope, that such exchange of information between the different disciplines in medicine will continue. i. k.


bile bile acid gastroenterology hepatology liver surgery

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  1. 1.Med. Kernklinik und PoliklinikUniversitätskrankenhaus EppendorfHamburg 20Germany

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