State of the Art of Surgery 1979/80

Summaries of the Breakfast and Luncheon Panels of the 28th Congress of the Société Internationale de Chirurgie in San Francisco

  • Martin Allgöwer
  • Felix Harder
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. Concepts in Surgical Education and Practice

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J. E. Rhoads, R. Zollinger, J. Cook, C. Welch, F. Linder, J. van Geertruyden
      Pages 2-12
    3. M. Allgöwer, J. M. Howard, J. R. Border, J. Schatzker
      Pages 13-15
    4. J. S. Najarian, R. Pichlmayr, P. Kinnaert, F. O. Belzer, E. Larson-Gelin
      Pages 16-17
    5. R. M. Zollinger, E. Eiseman, R. J. Schweitzer, F. Das-Gupta
      Pages 18-19
    6. F. C. Spencer, Thomas Holmes Sellors, J. Hardy
      Pages 20-21
    7. F. C. Spencer, K. Messmer, B. Eiseman
      Pages 22-24
    8. W. P. Longmire, G. A. Kune, P. O. Granberg, M. Allgöwer
      Pages 25-27
    9. Sir Thomas Holmes Sellors, M. Mercadier, M. Allgöwer, F. Nagao, M. Kuzin, S. A. Wells
      Pages 28-29
  3. Surgery of the Gastrointestinal Tract

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 33-33
    2. D. B. Skinner, F. H. Ellis, E. Woodward, R. Siewert
      Pages 34-35
    3. R. Pichlmayr, W. Longmire, F. Kümerle
      Pages 39-40
    4. C. G. Clark, L. Rossoff, R. Puig La-Calle, M. Luder
      Pages 41-44
    5. L. M. Nyhus, M. Hobsley, Ch. Herfarth, R. Siewert, M. Allöwer, C. A. Griffith
      Pages 45-46
    6. G. A. Kune, F. Moody, P. Tondelli, H. Röher, S. Toyota
      Pages 47-48
    7. M. Trede, F. Kümmerle, T. White, L. C. Carey
      Pages 49-51
    8. M. Mercadier, H. Hamelmann, H. J. Peiper, P. Sandbloom
      Pages 52-53
    9. M. J. Orloff, W. Longmire, M. Trede
      Pages 54-56
    10. J. Kyle, C. Herfarth, G. Ekelund, H. Gonzenbach
      Pages 57-58
    11. F. E. Linder, G. Heberer, M. Mercadier, S. Stipa
      Pages 59-60
    12. A. Ochsner, H. Trede, P. Berger, J. H. Johnston
      Pages 61-62
    13. E. Etala, R. Britten-Jones, O. Beahrs, C. Whelan
      Pages 63-64
    14. C. E. Dennis, N. Gill, O. H. Beahrs, A. Akovbiantz, R. Turnbull
      Pages 65-67
    15. A. Akovbiantz, E. Gemsenjäger, U. Schiller
      Pages 68-69
  4. Endocrine Surgery, Metabolism, Shock

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 73-73
    2. C. B. Esselstyn, C. G. Thomas, O. H. Beahrs, S. A. Wells, H. Röher, P. Grandberg
      Pages 74-75
    3. R. H. Egdahl, L. Rosoff, M. Rothmund, S. Taylor, C. A. Wang
      Pages 76-77
    4. R. B. Welbourn, A. J. Edis, E. Hasner, H. J. Peiper, H. W. Scott, N. Thompson
      Pages 78-79
    5. S. E. Bergentz, L. Smith, H. G. Borst
      Pages 80-81
    6. K. Messmer, C. J. Carrico, J. L. Berk, F. W. Eigler, Chr. Smith
      Pages 82-83
    7. G. T. Shires, S. E. Bergentz, U. F. Gruber, Ch. Baxter, G. S. Moss
      Pages 84-85
  5. Bronchial Carcinoma

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 87-87
    2. A. Senning, H. T. Bahnson, A. D. Callow
      Pages 88-88
    3. F. Gerbode, B. Zederfeldt, M. Perelmann, E. J. Beattie, A. Senning
      Pages 89-90
  6. Breast Cancer

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 91-91
    2. S. Hellman, C. Herfarth, F. Harder, R. Hunter, C. B. Esselstyn Jr.
      Pages 92-92
  7. Microsurgery

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 93-93
    2. B. M. O’Brien, V. S. Krylov, B. Strauch, H. Bunke
      Pages 94-96
  8. Trauma

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 97-97
    2. E. W. Glinz, F. W. Blaisdell, G. Wolff
      Pages 98-99
    3. R. J. Freeark, E. Kern, F. Harder, G. Shaftan
      Pages 102-103
    4. B. A. Pruitt, H. Köhnlein, L. Koslowski, J. Boswick, I. Feller, J. F. Burke et al.
      Pages 104-105
    5. T. K. Hunt, G. G. Eade, H. Köhnlein
      Pages 106-106
  9. Suture Material, Infection, Thromboembolism

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 107-107
    2. N. Rich, G. Heberer, C. Müller, E. Guthy
      Pages 108-109

About these proceedings


International surgical meetings with thousands of participants speaking a dozen different languages tend to be frustrating for the individual who comes with the hope of learning about progress in his fields, but who additionally would like to be able to ex­ change ideas on controversial topics and to meet competent people with whom to discuss specific problems. In the "one-way" ses­ sions in which long papers are presented, details or specific points may be missed. Differing views often are not adequately discussed, because the meeting and its participants are pressed for time. The 44 breakfast and luncheon sessions, covering different topics of interest to the practicing surgeon, were mainly planned to overcome these classical "congress handicaps" and also to do away with the anonymous atmosphere of such a large congress. Slides and formal papers were banished from these sessions. The outcome of these very lively and pleasant discussions taking place around small well-dressed tables was unexpected by most participants. A chairman and several panel members shared their repast, caloric and intellectual, with some 10-30 congress par­ ticipants. The result was in each instance a lively, informative intimate discussion, very different from the anonymous atmo­ sphere of a large meeting. In the hope of preserving these ex­ changes, the chairmen were requested immediately the session finished to "distill the essence" of the 90-minute exchange into a summary captured on tape.


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