Intracranial Pressure IV

  • Kenneth Shulman
  • Anthony Marmarou
  • J. Douglas Miller
  • Donald P. Becker
  • Gerald M. Hochwald
  • Mario Brock
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVIII
  2. Head Injury

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-3
    2. L. H. Pitts, J. V. Kaktis, R. Juster, D. Heilbron
      Pages 5-9
    3. M. Collice, P. Versari, G. Vecchi, A. Scornajenghi, V. D’Angelo
      Pages 17-19
    4. T. A. Gennarelli, Z. Czernicki, H. Segawa, R. Wiser, K. Marsh, U. Wald et al.
      Pages 28-32
    5. I. Papo, G. Caruselli, M. Scarpelli
      Pages 33-35
    6. S. Nakatani, K. Koshino, H. Mogami, Y. Sawada, T. Sugimoto
      Pages 39-44
    7. L. Auer, R. Oberbauer, H. Tritthart, W. D. Sager, G. Clarici
      Pages 45-47
    8. F. L. Haar, V. K. Sadhu, R. S. Pinto, P. L. Gildenberg, J. M. Sampson
      Pages 48-53
    9. A. L. Benabid, J. de Rougemont, J. P. Chirossel, M. Barge
      Pages 60-65
    10. R. J. Clubb, R. Maxwell, S. Chou
      Pages 66-69
  3. Pressure-Volume Studies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 77-79
    2. F. H. Sklar, C. W. Beyer Jr., H. Hagler, M. Ramanathan, W. K. Clark
      Pages 81-84
    3. K. Shapiro, A. Marmarou, K. Shulman
      Pages 85-87
    4. A. L. Benabid, A. Baud, J. de Rougemont, F. Faccioli, M. Barge, J. P. Chirossel
      Pages 88-90
    5. H. G. Sullivan, J. D. Miller, R. L. Griffith
      Pages 91-92
    6. A. Marmarou, H. Takagi, C. W. Hargens, K. Shulman
      Pages 97-101
    7. E. K. Walsh, A. Schettini
      Pages 102-105
    8. S. Yoneda, M. Matsuda, H. Handa, H. Gotoh, E. Tsuda
      Pages 106-110
    9. I. Nyary, J. Vajda, E. Pasztor
      Pages 116-119
    10. H. G. Sullivan, J. D. Miller, R. L. Griffith
      Pages 120-122
    11. S. C. Sørensen, F. Gjerris, S. E. Børgesen
      Pages 123-125
  4. Cerebrovascular Aspects

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 127-129
    2. M. S. Albin, L. Bunegin, P. Helsel, A. Marlin, M. Babinski
      Pages 131-135
    3. S. Fujimoto, H. Kuyama, K. Nishimoto, T. Akioka, S. Nagao, A. Nishimoto
      Pages 136-138
    4. Y. Nakagawa, Y. L. Yamamoto, W. Feindel, E. Meyer, M. Tsuru
      Pages 139-141
    5. R. B. Morawetz, H. L. Mitchem, E. R. Strong, J. G. Galbraith, J. H. Halsey
      Pages 142-146
    6. H. Kuchiwaki, M. Furuse, T. Nakaya, K. Toyama, A. Ikeyama, M. Hasuo et al.
      Pages 147-149
    7. Y. Nakagawa, M. Tsuru, K. Ohtuska, M. Motomiya
      Pages 150-152
    8. J. H. M. Van Eijndhoven, C. J. J. Avezaat, D. J. Wyper
      Pages 153-158
    9. H. Takagi, G. Walstra, A. Marmarou, K. Shulman
      Pages 163-166
    10. H. D. Portnoy, M. Chopp
      Pages 167-172
    11. J. H. M. Van Eijndhoven, C. J. J. Avezaat
      Pages 173-176
    12. H. Kuyama, S. Fujimoto, M. Tsuchimoto, K. Nishimoto, T. Akioka, A. Matsumoto et al.
      Pages 180-182
    13. O. E. Knoblich, M. Gaab, W. Weber
      Pages 183-187
    14. A. Gega, S. Utsumi, Y. Iida, N. Iida, S. Tsuncda
      Pages 188-190
    15. D. Godin, A. Stevenaert, R. Lhommel
      Pages 191-194
    16. A. Ikeyama, T. Nakaya, M. Teraoka, M. Hasuo, S. Maeda, H. Kuchiwaki et al.
      Pages 195-197

About these proceedings


This book contains the papers delivered at the Fourth International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure, held at Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, June 10-14, 1979. Divided into 12 sessions, they reflect the most recent developments in areas such as head injuries, pressure­ volume studies, cerebrovascular complications, intracranial hemor­ rhage, brain edema, systemic factors and infectious processes, data recording and analysis, CSF formation and absorption, hydroce­ phalus, clinical aspects of ICP monitoring, anesthesia and intra­ cranial pressure, treatment with barbiturates and steroids, and os­ motherapy. The book concludes with a summary of the present state-of-the-art in the field as a whole by Dr. Langfitt. There were two innovations at this Symposium. The first of these was poster sessions, the second, breakfast seminars. This volume contains all papers read plus all those presented as posters, and for this reason contains more pages than the three previous volumes. The organizers wish to thank the Advisory Committee for the work done in paper selection and focus of the Conference. Appreciation is also given to the Chairmen and Co-chairmen of the sessions for the preparation of summary statements. Manuscript preparation was performed by Ms. Lucille Browne, and gratitude is expressed to her. The next Symposium, the Fifth International Conference on ICP, will be held in Japan in 1982. We also wish to acknowledge the technical help of Springer-Verlag and their celerity in producing this volume. The Editors VII Contents Session I. Head Injury Chairman: D. P. BECKER; Co-chairman: I. PAPO 3 Summary . . . . . . . . . . . ..


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  4. 4.Universitätsklinikum Steglitz, Neurochirurgische Klinik und PoliklinikFreie Universität BerlinBerlin 45Germany

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